Beach Wedding Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Day More Special
Mariam Youssef
4/24/23, 2:00 PM

One of the biggest and most thrilling parts of wedding planning is picking the dress! But things don't stop there. You may start making additional interesting choices, like what shoes to wear, a new hairdo to try, and how your bridal makeup will turn out after you know what you'll be wearing on the big day. Every bride has an idea of how they want their wedding to look in general. But the location of your wedding can greatly affect the effort required to achieve that appearance, particularly if it's on the beach. You must be ready for any water, wind, and sweat that may be thrown your way, whether you're planning a destination wedding on a tropical island or being married in your coastal hometown. This beach wedding makeup guide will make sure you're prepared for anything if you're intending to exchange vows on the sand!

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For a natural makeup look:

A serene, natural setting for a wedding day is created by the sand and ocean. So instead of hiding that inherent beauty, why not embrace it with makeup that looks natural as well? We love it when a beach bride has a beachy appearance, often known as a dewy, glowy face that accentuates your natural beauty and reveals your skin! Start with clean, primed, and moisturized skin to achieve the most natural, beachy effect possible. As needed, apply more layers of foundation and concealer, then use a light bronzer for contour to give yourself a soft glow.

Avoid dark, smokey eyes and strong eyeliner by sticking to neutral hues and delicate, pastel eyeshadow shades. All you need is some waterproof mascara, a light eyeshadow, and a tiny line of eyeliner at the lash line. Pick a pink or peach color for your lips and cheeks that complements your skin tone. For a night out at the club, save the fiery reds and rich berry lip colors! However, if you want to have a matte than dewy face, at a beach wedding, it might be challenging to achieve the ideal matte face depending on the weather and temperature.

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For a glamorous makeup look:

Go glam if that's the style you're after! Since it's your wedding day, you should put on whatever makes you feel beautiful. We advise keeping the face more natural and emphasizing the eyes if you want to pull off a high-glam appearance on the beach. Opt for light metallic or glittery eyeshadows that sparkle in the sun. For a more dramatic appearance, apply your eyeliner more heavily and add some false lashes. Adding some gloss and glitter to your nail polish will also glam it up.

Choose the appropriate makeup products

It's possible that the things you use every day won't be ideal for your special beach day. Ask your professional makeup artist for suggestions on beach-friendly versions of your go-to products. The key is lightweight concealers and buildable foundations. Your skin won't appear dry and cakey in the sun if you use them lightly as needed. Avoid using foundation altogether if possible and only use concealer instead.

Use moisturizing beauty products that provide color and coverage because the sun dries out everything, including the skin. Choose a creamy lipstick over a matte one for your lips. Your lips will feel smoother, look softer, and be much more kissable if you wear creamy lipsticks because they won't dry up as quickly.

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Don’t forget your sunscreen

Every member of the bridal party, from the flower girl to your bridesmaids, requires a skincare routine for the big day. No matter if you have fair skin, a dark complexion, or skin with a medium tone that doesn't burn easily, both men and women in your wedding party should use moisturizer and sunscreen to protect their skin. Make sure everyone has hydrating items available because flaky, dry skin does not look well in wedding photos. Apply moisturizer and put proper sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on everyone in your bridal party. They can also use a cream or lotion that is extremely moisturizing and has an SPF built-in. Your must-have makeup list should also include an SPF 30 lip protectant because lips are also skin.

Keep blotting papers on hand

It is more likely that you will sweat out in hotter, more tropical areas. It's simple enough to wipe away your sweat with a beach towel when you're relaxing on the sand in a bikini, but it won't work when you're wearing a dress or a suit. Keep a couple of packages of blotting papers on hand for your own benefit. They're quite cheap, and they're the ideal solution to remove sweat from your face or brows without worrying about removing your makeup. Ask your bridesmaids to keep blotting papers on hand whenever any of you need them.

Be ready for touch-ups

Makeup touch-ups are an inescapable necessity when your wedding and/or reception are held on a sunny beach. Make a backup plan if your glam squad or makeup artist won't be able to stay for the entire ceremony. Choose a reliable friend or a bridesmaid who excels in makeup to act as your go-to beauty helper between big moments. You'll look spectacular and be ready for every major photo opportunity that comes your way if you do it that way.

Use a setting powder

Even if you don't use a setting powder every day, you should wear one for your big day on the beach. You might get kicked in the face with sand or drenched in sea mist by the wind. Your makeup may smudge or melt your face due to moisture and humidity. You can secure your bridal beauty look and keep those inescapable elements from spoiling it with a light-setting powder. Ask your makeup artist to add a touch of setting powder to your makeup once she’s done.

Your wedding day makeup will be stunning and stay stunning, as long as you use the appropriate products, whether you go for a very natural look or want to go a little more glam. If we could provide you with one key piece of beauty advice for your beach wedding, it would be to make sure to include a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen in the makeup you use on your eyes, lips, and face.

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