This Fall, Let’s Talk About Trench Coats

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10/7/22, 3:00 PM

A trench coat is a must-have item for your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Its neutral colors go with everything, its material will help you get through rainy days without getting a single raindrop on your nice outfit, and we can't forget you'll look chic while staying warm. We can say that if you buy a trench coat, your money will not be wasted. Today, we will dig deeper into the trench coat world and tell you how to style it. It does not only come in a variety of shades, but it also has a wide range of options and different styles. It's simply a must-have item for your Fall wardrobe. So, this Fall, let's talk about trench coats in detail and show you how to style them with your outfits.


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Let's start with the basics: How can you wear your trench coat this fall?

1. Match your pants to the color of your trench coat 

trench coat and beige pants

Image Credits: Vogue, Instagram @hautehijabWe Heart It

The majority of trench coats are beige, and if you're looking for ways to style them, simply pair them with beige pants for a matchy-matchy kind of situation. If you want a formal chic look, wear beige pants with your choice of color blouse and chunky oxford shoes for an edgy touch to your outfit. If you want something more casual and relaxed, pair your beige pants with a white tee, a comfy sneaker, and add a pop of color to your outfit with a colored handbag.

2. Monochromatic outfits

Trench coat and monochromatic outfit

Image Credits: Giuli Castro, PinterestLe Fashion

If you don't like to wear too many colors in your outfit and your style is minimal, you can go for a monochromatic look, which means you can wear all white or all black or really any color you're feeling on this day. Pair your outfit with your trench coat to complete your minimal chic look for fall.

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3. Suit up and layer it with a trench coat 

Trench coat and suit

Image Credits: Pop Sugar, Pinterest

This look is all about layering, so if you like to layer your outfits in the cold weather, this is the look for you! Wear your favorite suit and leave the buttons of the blazer unbuttoned to give it an edgy look. As for the shoes, if you want to look extra sexy on this day, wear heels that match the color of your suit. However, if you want something more comfortable, go for loafers. And just like that, you've just nailed the art of layering up. 

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4. On the run look


Image Credits: Instagram @fashionwithfaithLoela, Laia MagazineComer Blogaramar

This style is a bit of a laid back look, and that is styling your trench coat with sweat pants and a nice jumper or you can go for a hoodie and jeans. If you want an even more relaxed look wear the matching set of hoodie and sweatpants and add your trench coat on top to give you a chic look. With this style, you'll be ready to go out and about and run quick errands when it's cold and don't feel like dressing up.

5. A feminine blend

Trench coat and dress 

Image Credits: VogueLechic Street, Rue Rodier

If you enjoy wearing dresses, you can pair them with a trench coat. Whether it's a flowy patterned dress or a bodycon dress, any type of dress will look great with a trench coat. As for the shoes, you can go for boots to stay warm in this weather, or if you prefer to wear sneakers with dresses, that will also look great. It all depends on the occasion and whether your want to dress up or down.

6. You can wear anything with a trench coat, including a long or short skirt 

Trench coat and skirts

Image Credits: Teet Hare JadLove Cloth

If you like to wear short skirts and boots in the Fall, this look is for you. Pair your trench coat with a mini skirt and combat boots with hosieries. But if you get cold easily, try a long skirt with sneakers, and don't forget about the trench coat. It will level up your outfit and make you look the part!

7. Belt it up!

trench coat and belt

Image Credits: Walk In Wonderland, Sarah Styles Seattle, Instagram @sallyomo

Normally, trench coats come with belts, but if you want to level up your look, add a leather belt to your trench coat. This look is so edgy as you can style a closed trench coat with a statement belt or you can keep the coat open and wear casual or any kind of outfit you want underneath and add the belt. This will make you show off your outfit and belt at the same time.

8. Let's keep things simple and wear jeans

trench coat and jeans

Image Credits: Vogue, Instagram @khaoulaboumeshouliWho What Wear

Let's get back to basics and pair the trench coat with jeans. It's a simple look that will make you look very fashionable. The thing about trench coats is that they are extremely versatile when it comes to styling and they go with everything. So wearing it with jeans will add a little spice to your look. You can simply transform your outfit from casual to casual chic just by adding the trench coat on top.

The second thing you should know about trench coats is that they come in a variety of colors: 

trench coats

Image Credits: Instagram @mrmr__4, Lily Love Affair, Be Daze livePinterest 

Most of the trench coats are beige, but the good thing is that trench coats come in a variety of colors and styles.

Now, let's talk about the lengths. They also come in a variety of lengths too: short, midi, and long. Midi lengths, in our opinion, are easier to wear and style. For petite ladies, a short trench coat will suit their body shapes because a long one will look extra bulky on them. As for the all ladies, a long one would be perfect for you because you have the height to carry it. Finally, for curvy ladies who want to show off their curves, wear a midi trench coat with a belt to accentuate your waist and show off your beautiful curves.

As said before, a trench coat is extremely versatile when it comes to styling; it can be worn for both morning and evening looks. And because of its light fabric, you can wear it when the weather is warm, and when it gets cold, you can layer it up and still look stylish.

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