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How to Style an Oversized Tee for Your Body Type

Fustany Team
8/28/21, 12:00 AM

Some days, all we want to do is wear something roomy and comfy for the rest of the day, but we also want it to fit our body type and look stylish. What I'm talking about is an oversized tee, which can be dressed for a quick errand or if you're going somewhere fancy; in this article, you'll know more about how to dress an oversized t-Shirt for your body type.

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1. For the ladies with long legs

Oversized tee for inverted triangle body shape

Image credits: Instagram @aimeesong

For the tall ladies out there, most of us like to show off our long legs, and if you're looking for a way to do so when styling a graphic tee, simply wear a mini skirt and tuck in the oversized tee and you'll have a nice casual look; this look also works for the inverted triangle body shape because it creates balance. You can roll up your sleeves for a more edgy look.

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2. For daring ladies who enjoy mixing patterns and prints

Oversized tee for  apple body shape

Image credits: Instagram @jen_wonders 

Because you're wearing different colors and prints, this look works well for the apple body shape, as it draws attention away from the tummy area. This look is also ideal for ladies who enjoy wearing daring outfits; pair your patterned pants with an oversized tee and keep it simple with sandals.

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3. The art of layering 

Oversized tee for rectangle body shape

Image credits: Instagram @himichelleli

When it comes to layering, there is a technique that is either a hit or a miss. You can layer your oversized tee with a crop top and matching skirt. This look works for the rectangle body shape because it helps to create curves. This look is definitely a hit, you can also wear a graphic tee under a dress.

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4. The perfect combo 

Oversized tee for pear body shape

Image Credits: Instagram @ada_oguntodu, Style Representative

This look is for ladies who like to show off their curves, and it is ideal for the pear body shape. Simply pair your oversized tee with bike shorts, and you have a simple yet flattering look for your body. You can tuck it in and add belted chains, or simply leave it as is with chunky sneakers like Kim Kardashian.

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5. When in doubt, tie a knot.

Oversized tee for hourglass body shape

Image Credits: Cosmopolitan 

Do you want to add some spice to your oversized tee? Simply tie a front knot, this look works for the hourglass body shape. It flatters your body shape, and is easily styled with anything, you can style your knotted oversized tee with shorts or skirt, and if you want a smart casual look, pair it with colored pants and heels, and you're ready to hit the streets. 



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