We all know in fashion that some old trends keep coming back, such as the 90s bandana, which is  and that is why you should think twice before throwing away items from your wardrobe because they may make a huge comeback. In this article, you will discover 10 items in your wardrobe that you should never throw away because they will come back into style (Summer edition)!

A small disclaimer I'm all for donating your clothes to the less fortunate, and donating your unwanted clothes to charities that help people. In this article, I'm not saying don't donate; rather, I'm saying choose wisely when donating specific pieces to cherish in the future.

1. Your favorite pair of jeans 


Image Credits: PinterestLauren kay Sims

In the denim world, fashion changes rapidly, and jeans come in a wide range of styles. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the new jeans trends. However, you must remain loyal to those specific pair that will always fit and flatter your body. It can be difficult to find the right pair of jeans, so if you do find one, never throw it away, even if it is out of style; it will eventually become fashionable again.

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2. A little black dress 

We all have an LBD, and I believe it is a wardrobe essential that, regardless of whether it is in or out of style, will always be a useful part of your wardrobe. Think twice about getting rid of a versatile black dress that has served you well. You'll always get back to it, and an LBD will come in handy if you have a last-minute event and don't know what to wear.

3. Two pieces sets 

Two pieces set

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A two-piece set will always find its way into the latest trend in some way, and we can all agree that it is very stylish to style and that you can experiment with it in various ways, such as wearing the entire set or mixing and matching with another set. You can wear it for a nice summer look with one of those trendy chunky sliders, or for a night look with statement jewelry and heels.

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4. A white shirt 

White shirt

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It is a must-have item that should never be thrown away. A white button-down shirt is suitable for all seasons and can be worn to a casual or formal event, as well as to the beach. As long as you wash it correctly and it remains bright white, you're good to go and can wear it all year.

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5. Bandanas 

The 90's hair bandana has made a huge comeback this season! and I believe it will be around for a while, and even if it is no longer fashionable, don't throw it away; keep it for future seasons. We've seen so many influencers style it in various ways, such as with a top, a belt, and, of course, a headband.

6. Hair Scrunchies 

Yes, you read that right! Hair scrunchies have also made a comeback and are extremely fashionable to wear. When it comes to fabric and color, you have a variety of choices. Satin ones are your best friend if you have curly hair. If they ever go out of style, don't throw them away; they'll come back into style again!

7. A black blazer

A black blazer

Image Credits: Instagram @emmahill@brittanyxavier

Even if you don't wear blazers often, this piece is a wardrobe must-have that never goes out of style. It's simple to put on and instantly elevates any outfit. It's also very flattering and can be dressed up or down.

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8. Statement accessories 

Statement accessories

Image Credits: Shop StyleAtlantic Pacific 

Statement accessories are items that will never go out of style and are a must-have in your accessory collection. After all, they're called statements for a reason! Statement accessories can transform any plain outfit into a wow outfit by simply adding the right accessories; therefore, keep at least 2 statement accessories your collection, a pair of earring and a necklace, do not throw them away.

9. Denim jacket

Denim jacket 

Image Credits: Online Shop, Vogue

If you get cold easily, like me, and need to keep a jacket on hand all the time, I always opt for a denim jacket. It's simple to style, and I promise you will never go out of style. You can wear it in the summer with a nice dress and roll up the sleeves for an edgy look, or in the winter with a hoodie if you're running errands and want to stay warm. That is why you should never throw away a denim jacket.

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10. Graphic tee 

Graphic tee

Image Credits: Pop Sugar

Graphic tees were always styled for a casual look, but now they are styled for a formal look as well, on a blazer or a full-on suit and paired with a graphic tee. As a result, the best option is to never throw away a graphic tee, even if it is old. Vintage tees are always in style.

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