The new tunic dresses from Zara...This piece, which is part of Zara's summer collection 2021, has succeeded in becoming the focus of a lot of talk on social media over the past couple of days. We cannot deny that it is the perfect summer dress. And since it is popular in all Zara's branches, what do you think of taking a look at how you can wear it and style it this summer?

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Zara Tunic Dress

Tunic dress by Zara

We searched a lot, until we found many similar pieces and how they were worn and styled before, so that you can inspire you if you decide to buy this piece...

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How to wear the new Zara tunics?

1. Wear it with statement shoes

How to wear tunic dresses from Zara

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In these pictures, we gathered some street style look with dresses similar to the tunic dress we're talking about. Tunics are a very simple piece, and so they look great with other pieces to highlight its beauty and give you a different look. Due to its extreme simplicity, wearing a bold and statement piece with it would look really cool, like big bulky sneakers or strappy sandals. 

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2. Convert your tunic into a cardigan

How to wear tunic dresses from Zara

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You don't have to wear it buttoned up. Why not keep it open so you can wear it in more than one way? That way you can wear it with jeans or leggings and a top or blouse underneath. You can also  try closing just the top buttons and leaving it open from the bottom, like the outfit in the middle here. 

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3. Bags is the password for dress-making in a tunic

How to wear tunic dresses from Zara

Image Credits: Via Pinterest - Instagram @laura_eguizabal - Via Pinterest 

Like we said, the tunic is a very simple piece so accessorizing helps things stand out more. Bags are another way you can do that. Pick an eye catching statement bag, like a big bag or one in a bold color, like red for example.

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4. Add the belt to the tunic dress

How to wear tunic dresses from Zara

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Tunics are loose fitted and that's one of the best things about them, but if you want more definition around the waist or you just simply want to wear it a little differently, try adding a belt around the waist. You can choose a leather belt, or a fabric in the same color as the tunic.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @laura_eguizabal