We meet again with the rectangle body shape, but to talk about a different piece of clothing and that is printed pants. It is a piece that has become very popular in recent years and even today, but despite its popularity, a lot of us still feel like styling it is not easy. And since we are still giving you fashion tips for different body shapes, so you can rock any piece of clothing you want, we thought we should talk about how to style printed pants for rectangle body types.

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If you have a rectangle body shape, you'll find a lot of good tips here.

Note: All body shapes, types and sizes are beautiful. We should all love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing pants for rectangle body type?

1. Choose pants that have details at the hips, like pockets and pleats.

2. High-waisted or mid-rise pants are an ideal option.

3. Choose soft fabrics for your pants.

4. Add wide belts to define the waist more.

5. Go for wider, dynamic fits like flared pants, for example.

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So, how to style printed pants for rectangle body shapes?

Printed pants, as you can see, are a great option for rectangular body types, and some tips and stylings tricks take the look to the next level. Here's how...

1. Printed high-waisted pants with a oversized blazers

How to style printed pants for rectangle body shapes

You shine in oversized blazers. It adds more volume to the upper half of the body. So it would be great to choose a cool blazer with high-waisted printed pants. This will create a wonderful balance to your look.

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2. Wear printed pants with a plain or striped T-shirt

How to style printed pants for rectangle body shapes

Another great look to try is with a striped top, t-shirt, or shirt either in length or crosswise. This will give the body more dimension, whether in its upper or lower half.

3. The printed pants with a matching set is a great trick for women with rectangle body shapes

How to style printed pants for rectangle body shapes

Well, I know we've mentioned matching sets a few times, but we can't promise that we'll stop talking about them anytime soon. They're really great pieces that will suit you a lot. Try leaving the top or jacket open and wear a chic plain top in a neutral color underneath. An open shirt will give more volume and width on top, and high-waisted, slightly flared pants will add some flattering detail to the bottom half.

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4. Printed pants that are slimmer at the ankle

How to style printed pants for rectangle body shapes

These style of pants would be an ideal option for you. Go for pants that are loose overall but tighter at the ankle. Its slimness at the bottom gives it a slight poof which gives a nice flattering curve. Also you can add a waist bag to further define this area.

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5. Printed pants with a puff sleeve top

How to style printed pants for rectangle body shapes

We mentioned earlier that if you want to add more volume to your upper body, go for puff sleeve tops, it's a very simple and effective technique. So if you want to add balance to you look, try wearing printed pants and a top with puffed sleeves.

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Finally, always remember that you can break any fashion rules or make anything work for you. You should never you deprive yourself from wearing a certain piece of clothing. If you feel comfortable and happy with it then wear whatever you want! Also there are so many fashion hacks out there to make any piece of clothing work for you!