I think many of us feel like skinny jeans are really being hated on these days. I have to say, I am guilty of that hate as well. So, when my colleague suggested we write this piece, I started thinking...If I really dislike my skinnies this much, why haven't I got rid of them yet?...and probably won't. I found that I have almost 10 reasons why I'll never throw away my skinny jeans...

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The reasons I still keep my skinny jeans in my closet:

1. First of all I don't like throwing away anything, it is always better to donate any clothes or items we don't need.

2. What if they come back in style? I'm pretty sure many of us never thought we'd see mom jeans or dad sneakers be all the rage, but look at us now. They've become a staple for many.

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3. You can still make them look modern. An oversized white shirt or tight bodysuit and strappy saddles can look really cute with skinny jeans. It's all about how you wear them. 

how to wear skinny jeans 2021

Image Credits: Zara - Mango

4. A 2010's party. I know this might be a little far off, but before we know it, friends will be throwing 2010's birthday parties, just like the 90s and 80s ones. This is when you'll put out your school and uni pair. 

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5. Let's face it...They're sexy. For a flirty date night or when you just want to feel yourself and your curves, skinny jeans won't disappoint. I personally sometimes love how I look in them.

how to wear skinny jeans 2021

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6. They don't have to be too skinny. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's a certain hybrid somewhere in between skinny jeans and straight legged jeans. Whenever I'm worried about the fact that skinnies might look too outdated, this one is the perfect middle ground for me. 

how to wear skinny jeans 2021

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7. They look great with crop tops. Am I right?

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how to wear skinny jeans 2021

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8. They look great with graphic tees and combat boots. Yes, I know. So do mom jeans and straight legs, but again sometimes I want to change up the look and give my other jeans a rest.

how to wear skinny jeans 2021

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9. Who cares if they're trending? What matters is that you love them. I have sort of a love hate relationship with them, because I used to really love them back in the day, but still never found them comfortable. They're a pain, compared to the pants I wear now.

10. My style, taste and go to pieces in my wardrobe change regularly and so I never really know what I'll end up loving or reaching out for next. 

Main Image Credits: Zara Via Who What Wear - Mango