Here at Fustany, we love to support local brands, and we get excited when we see a new Egyptian product. There has recently been a lot of buzz about encouraging women to embrace their natural hair, and we are now more aware of the products that work well for our curls and the products that are harmful. And as a curly-haired girl, I know that using sulfate and paraben-free products is best for my hair. I was looking for new hair products when I came across Locken By Hanna Ghoneim, which had a lot of people had been talking about it. This brand's main goal is to embrace your hair, whether it's curly or wavy, and this product works for all hair types.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented Hana Ghoniem, the woman behind the promising Locken hair product.

"I encourage everyone to embrace their natural self. Curly, Straight, Wavy, Long, Short, whichever it is, Locken is for you"

1. Hana Ghoniem you are known for your angelic voice, but creating a hair product was an unusual step for you to take. What inspired you to create your own hair care line?

It was a step I have been thinking about for a while, but I was so consumed in my music for the longest time that it wasn’t a priority. During Covid, everything slowed down so it gave me time and energy to be able to focus and pursue other passions.

My hair defined me for as long as I can remember. It’s a very big part of my identity. I even perform, attend weddings, go to fancy events with my natural curls. This opened conversations with my fans about embracing your natural self and I felt like many girls aspired to do the same. That’s when the idea for LOCKEN was born. With Locken, I wanted to create products that can help everyone highlight their natural look. In fact, hair to me isn’t just hair, it is an artistic form of self-expression, it vocalizes identity and attitude, screams presence and is an extension of who you are. That’s exactly what Locken stands for, to have your hair speak as loudly as your personality.

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2. Locken is an unusual name; what is the story behind it? How did you come up with the name?

Yes it is unusual! I studied in a German school and the German language and culture is a big part of who I am today. That’s where Locken is derived, it means curls in German, and additionally, it’s a pun in English. “lock in the moisture, locks of hair, etc..” which brings me to my next point, that Locken isn’t just for curly hair. Curly hair defines me as a person, but I encourage everyone to embrace their natural self. Curly, Straight, Wavy, Long, Short, whichever it is, Locken is for you.

Locken by Hana Ghoneim

3. You only launched one product, Should we be expecting more? If yes, will you give us an exclusive hint for the Fustany readers?

Yes, we are already working on our next products! We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but here’s a hint for you, it’s an essential part of anyone’s hair care routine!

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4. Tell us about the strange phase you went through as a child, from one curly girl to another. I used to have short hair because I couldn't manage my curls every day at school.

Growing up, I was always told that my hair was too big, too frizzy, and most importantly, not girly enough. All my childhood pictures are compiled of one straight strand after the other, I just wanted to look like everyone else. As I grew up and was starting to gain my own identity, I realized that my hair wasn’t holding me back, in fact it made me more special. That’s when I grew to love my big, curly hair and learned to prioritize taking care of it.

Locken by Hana Ghoneim

5. Who is your favorite curly hair influencer?

I follow lots of local and international curly hair bloggers and I don’t have a favorite per say. When I decided to start Locken, a lot of my research and findings were inspired from their content!

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6. A lot of kids these days are growing up to love their curls; would you say your product is safe for them to use?

Yes it’s super safe, all the ingredients are clean, paraben, sulfate and silicone free. At Locken we say YES to vitamins, antioxidants and natural oils. So of course, it’s recommended for everyone.

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7. You have lovely curls; do you use heat or are you a firm believer in the no-heat movement?

I’m a firm believer in the no-heat movement, I’ve started embracing my natural curls for the past 10 years and I’ve never felt more confident in my own hair.

8. Of course, the manufacturing process was difficult; how long did you test before releasing the product? Did you try it on yourself first?

The manufacturing process was very difficult, we went back and forth with several factories until we picked the one we were most comfortable with. We actually worked tirelessly to find the perfect formula using only premium and clean ingredients to ensure that all our products are in line with international standards. I tried it on myself for months and we had a focus group that included people with all types of hair to ensure the effect was consistent across all hair needs. The testing process on its own took around 8 months, but here we are finally out in the market!

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9. Locken bottle is a vibrant and one-of-a-kind color. Is there a story behind it?

This is my personal favorite color. I love that it’s neutral and I feel like it matches my personality. It’s not too girly or too boyish, it’s the perfect balance. It’s a color that screams being young, bold, fresh and outspoken! These are exactly the things Locken stands for and we take pride in flaunting that!