If you ask anyone what they know or their thoughts about the modeling profession, they’ll probably say one or two things: either it’s an easy and simple profession, models just get paid a lot to look pretty or anything else more or less along these lines. However, the fact is, ‘modeling’ is neither this or that. Nowadays with models coming forward about their experiences in the workplace, we felt compelled to show you the other side of modeling. We met with fashion model, Mayam Mahmoud, who spoke to us about everything that supermodels go through. She talks about how hard the industry is, the kind of suffering models go through and so much more, scroll down below to watch the full video. 

Is the modelling profession really as easy as the come? 

Mayam told the story of how she finished a shoot once, and had to get transferred to the hospital, standing in heels for over 8 hours and, ended up with a broken leg. 

Watch our interview with Mayam Mahmoud here!