The scarf is an essential piece each of us have in our wardrobe. You probably have a ton of scarves in your closet that you don’t usually wear. But, have you ever thought that you can use one scarf in more than one way? Well, Ingy Elengabawi, the stylist and fashion blogger is actually proving that you can use one scarf in six different ways, if not more. So watch her videos below, and take out those scarves they’ll come in handy in Summer 2021. 


One small scarf = top, vest and headband 

Only have small scarves? That’s totally fine, because according to Ingie Elengbawy  there are plenty of ways to use a small scarf. For example you can use a small scarf and tie it on your head to create a head band, they'll definitely come in handy to control the frizz in the summer humidity. You can even turn your small scarf, into a vest or halter top, to create the ultimate summer beach look

One big scarf =  dress, bag and skirt:

According to Ingy all you need is a wide scarf and gold chain to create so many different looks. Looking for a swimwear cover up when heading to the beach, your scarf is the answer. Forgot to pack a skirt on your weekend getaway? No worries, transform your scarf into a skirt. Need a bigger beach bag? Yes, your scarf can be that too. Watch below to see for yourself how Ingy Elengbawy uses one scarf to create a dress, bag and skirt. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @ingyelengbawy