Hey! Are you still looking for the best beach bags and tote bags for the beach and your summer vacation? So was I, and I am here to tell you to stop searching because I have what you've been looking for. Beach bags are the best beach accessory and here is how to choose it according to your needs and where to shop for beach bags easily.

What To Look For In A Beach Bag?

1. Size

Think smart and choose the size first. How many items do you usually carry with you to the beach? If the answer is few, then go for a small beach bag that can fit for your mobile and sunscreen. If you usually grab many items a larger bag is what you're looking for.

2. Material

There is no doubt that a wooden or bamboo beach bag would look so much better styling wise. However, if you will carry it and the material is harsh on your skin you can choose to wear a tote bag that's made of a softer material.

If you will go with a wooden one and you usually have small objects in your bag pick ones that don't have large openings so your stuff won't fall out of it.

Consider Waterproof

If you usually sit too close to the beach consider buying a waterproof beach bag to make sure your items are safe from the water.

Did You Know Beach Clutches Are Now A Thing?

If you are going to a beach party or want to rock your beach outfit in style there are beach clutches to help you achieve that!

Where You Can Get Them...

Check the gallery down below and find out what is the best beach bag for you!

Remember beach bags are super Important so make sure that whatever you will get is right for you and will endure the entire summer or you can just go ahead and buy all of them!