I am personally a girl who tries to avoid going shopping for swimsuits as much as possible. Why? Well because I find it hard to pick some of the latest trends that would actually suit my body. Finding a swimsuit for your body type is not easy. So add to that one that is trending and creative in its design, it can be even harder. 

This year I was glad to find that the newest trends had more to do with colors, materials and accessories than it did with fits, so I guess I'm in luck this year. Also there are over 10 swimsuit trends to shop from, so we are bound to find something we love. We just have to be patient and try different things

Here are the latest swimsuit trends for summer 2019. You can also find out where to find and buy them in the gallery below. 

Also, some of last year's swimwear trend are still everywhere in all stores like active swimwear, knots and high waist bottoms...you can check them out here. 

1. Shoulder Detail

Having a little accent on your swimsuit strap is really in. Ruffles are a popular option that you might  want to try out this year.


2. Metallics/Shimmer

Try a little summer glisten on your body this summer. Also, really flattering as you come out the water. 


3. Sleeves

I know you're all thinking "Hello no, I have a tan to worry about", but take a moment to look at how stunning there 3 look. 


4. Stripes

Rainbow stripes are very popular this year, but all stripes in general is everywhere!


5. Yellows and Oranges

If orange isn't for you, try it again as a swimsuit. If now, then yellow is a gorgeous option, especially on olive skin tones. 


6. Color Blocking

A personal favorite this year, is this color blocking trend. I love color contrast and especially the asymmetrical ones. 


7. Textures

Having a different feel to your swimwear is a refreshing new trend to try. Crochet is one I can wait to swim with. 


8. Belts, Buttons and Rings

Accessories! From the classic summer swimsuit ring to a buckle! 


9. Florals

Wallpaper floral prints are so popular and once you find the right floral pattern, we both know it never leaves your wardrobe. 


10. Cutouts

Sexy is still in, hopefully always will be. Cutouts are sexy, forget about the tan lines! 


11. Leopard 

A popular option for honeymooners, but also looks great under a sheer beach cover up. 


Main Image Credits: Stradivarius