Every girl strives to look trendy and attractive, especially college students. With all the fashion hacks and styling tips that are widely spread all over the internet, all girls want to look the part and be fashionable at university. If you’re a college student who’s wondering what to wear every single day, keep reading to be inspired by the college fashion dos and don’ts every girl should follow.

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College Fashion DOs

Wear Colorful Sets

If you want to stand out from the crowd and wear fashionable yet college-appropriate clothes, always go for colorful sets. They’ve been trendy for some time now because of how comfy and effortlessly chic they are. While most people opt for neutral, black, or white colors, a girl your age should go for funkier and more bold colors. Think blue, lavender, or orange to obtain a fun summery look.

Crochet Dresses

Listen, we know that “crochet” screams beaches. But since we’re in the summertime, you can pull off a crochet dress at college without going overboard. With the right accessories and styling, this outfit can be college-appropriate. Layer a denim jacket on top and put on your white sneakers so you can easily make this work.

Nature-Inspired Outfits

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When you’re at college, you’re young, beautiful, and full of life. Let your outfits express your age. Go for floral prints with daisies and dandelions for feminine, unique looks. You may opt for earthy shades, such as sage, relaxing lavender, or sunset peach and use Mother Earth as an inspiration.

Platform Shoes

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On some days, we like to feel extra powerful and confident. Nothing boosts confidence and power like platform shoes. Whether you choose clogs, boots, or sneakers, platform shoes can go with almost any outfit. You can simply put on a T-shirt and jeans and pair them with stylish platform shoes that will be your outfit’s statement piece.

Embrace Yellow

Yellow is such a happy color. In fact, nothing speaks summertime louder than yellow! There are plenty of shades that suit both warm and cool-toned skin. Choose a shade that suits and appeals to you and use it somewhere in your outfit, be it a bag, cardigan, headscarf, shoes, or accessories.

Tote Bags

Mini bags are old news now. Bulky totes are taking over this season’s handbag market. Sorry mini-bag lovers, but bulky tote bags are super trendy and practical at the same time. All of your essentials will fit in there easily. You will even have the luxury to fit your notebooks and books in them.

College Fashion DON’TS

Wear High Heels

High heels are a no-no at college. There’s no way you’ll be comfortable wearing high heels on campus, where you’re likely to spend long hours attending classes and running from the cafeteria to your lecture. Instead of wearing 10-cm heels, opt for kitten heels as they’re college-appropriate and adorable for summer.

Combine Black, Brown, and Navy in One Outfit

It is a crime in fashion law to combine these colors, let alone college fashion. Plus, what are you, eighty? Even women in their 80s shouldn’t wear this dull color combination. But aside from that, the reason why these colors shouldn’t be worn together is that they don’t complement each other and will look unflattering.

Put on Revealing Clothes

Save the hot look for graduation or clubbing. At college, you need to cover up and be comfortable. Stay away from pairing crop tops with low-rise jeans; this is super unflattering and inappropriate for college. Continue to wear them but not together. Pair your crop top with high-waist jeans and still make sure it’s not revealing too much.

Wear Crocs

We’re sorry, but Crocs are ugly. They had their time and thankfully not a lot of people wear them to college, but we still had to mention them. Not only do Crocs dress down your entire outfit, but they’re super inappropriate for college.

Wear Running Shoes

Although many people like to pair their casual outfits with running shoes, they just don't look right. Running shoes are supposed to be only for running or any sport activity. They’re not meant for casual outings and certainly not meant for college. If you want to look athletic, wearing running shoes won’t give you that; you’ll just look silly honestly. If you’re going to the gym after college, you can always carry a pair of running shoes in your backpack.

Monochromatic Looks

There is a thin line between looking chic and shabby. Pairing your red T-shirt with your red pants isn’t college-appropriate. It is best to leave the monochromatic looks for fancy occasions or runways.

Although we impersonated fashion police for a moment, we’re still here for you, embracing your personal style and unique fashion. You don’t necessarily have to follow these rules, but try to take notes of what can really make your outfit stand out or make it look too shabby.