Have you ever stood in front of your closet, full of clothes staring back at you, and felt as if you had nothing to wear? Yes, same here, gurl! All we can wish for is Cher's closet from the movie Clueless, where you can have your outfit ready to go with the click of a button, but reality check: we have to choose our own outfit. It can be very annoying to have so many clothes but nothing to wear. Let me tell you there are a few reasons for this, and I'll get to the famous question of “why do I have so many clothes but nothing to wear?”


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There are 7 reasons why you have so many clothes but nothing to wear, and here they are:

1. Your lifestyle and your clothes don't really go together

If your clothes don't fit your lifestyle, you might end up with a closet full of clothes you don't want to wear, no matter how great those clothes are. Let me explain. Your lifestyle dictates the types of clothes you need. For example, if you've always worked in a corporate setting where the dress code is formal, you'll have a lot of formal outfits. If you change jobs and your new job has no dress code and you can wear whatever you want, you'll find your closet overflowing with formal wear, which is where the problem begins.

How can you save your wardrobe and solve this problem?

When shopping for new clothes, keep two things in mind. The first is how this item can be worn with three different outfits, and the second is whether it will work for different occasions, such as a casual and formal look. Obviously, there are exceptions if you are buying a special occasion item or rebuilding your wardrobe in a new size or style. However, having pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways is the basic principle of having a versatile wardrobe full of clothes you can wear. This allows you to buy fewer pieces that are more carefully curated, and it will feel a lot easier to put outfits together every day.

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2. Your clothes no longer fit you

The clothes do not fit you for two reasons: 

The first issue is that they are not your size; you may have bought them on sale and forgotten to try them on, and they turned out to be a size bigger or smaller, or you may have lost or gained weight, causing the clothes in your wardrobe to no longer fit you. 

The second issue is that they do not fit your body shape, so they do not look good on you when you wear them. The key to dressing is to understand your body shape and dress for what looks good on it.

How can you save your wardrobe and solve this problem?

This is a problem. If you fix it, you'll discover that you have many options that you weren't aware of. For starters, whatever isn't your size, it's time to say goodbye to it, or if you can alter it so that it works for you, do so. Second, you must understand and know your body shape in order to know what works and what does not work for it. This will make shopping trips and outfit planning much easier.

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3. You have a few items missing from your wardrobe or have a little too much of one item

You may have a closet full of clothes that you can't wear because you don't have the right pieces to put together an outfit, or you may think your closet is boring and you don't want to wear anything from it; if you have both of these issues, it's because you have a lot of statement pieces and nothing to go with them, or you have too many basics, giving you the impression that you have nothing to wear.

How can you save your wardrobe and solve this problem?

A great wardrobe, in my opinion, requires a good balance of basics and statement pieces. If you have too many statement pieces but not enough basics, it will be difficult to put together an outfit with just a statement piece; on the other hand, if you have too many basics but not enough statement pieces, you will be bored with your wardrobe. To solve this problem, you must have a good balance of both. Having the perfect balance between the two will keep you from having a wardrobe that bores you and, more importantly, a wardrobe that you can actually wear.

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4. You have no idea what goes with what

I know what you're thinking: I have clothes that fit my lifestyle, my size, and look great on my body shape, as well as a good balance of basics and statement pieces, so why do I still feel like I have nothing to wear? So, what's the issue? The answer is that you have no idea what goes with what! For example, does this blouse go with these pants? or what colors can I wear together?

How can you save your wardrobe and solve this problem?

This is a problem that many people face, and it's nothing to be ashamed of, but you need to solve it, and here are a few tips that can help you: always look for references; like Pinterest or follow Instagram accounts that give you styling tips or bloggers whose style you like and use them as a reference to you in coordinating what to wear together or what colors go well with each other, and after a while, you will not need a reference and you will be able to style yourself 

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5. You buy an excessive amount of the same thing

Many of us unconsciously buy too much of the same thing without even realizing it. For example, if you have 30 pairs of jeans, but they are all dark wash skinnies, you really only have one option, do you get what I mean? You have no variety in your wardrobe, so you feel like you have nothing to wear.

How can you save your wardrobe and solve this problem?

This problem may be difficult for you to solve, but keep an open mind while shopping. For example, if you like a certain color of jeans, instead of going for skinny, try something different than what you are used to, such as wide-leg jeans, or if you always go for a certain blouse, try something new, just be open to trying something new and you can start with baby steps, such as going for different colors instead of always going for the same color. With practice, you will find it easier to step outside of your comfort zone.

6. Your wardrobe is disorganized

I'm a messy person, so I understand how difficult it is to organize things, but having your clothes everywhere and not knowing where things are, makes it very difficult to get any outfit out, or in some cases, you can actually forget that you have certain things. When you organize your wardrobe, it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier and saves you countless hours spent staring at it, trying to figure out why your favorite jeans are in the pants section.


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How can you save your wardrobe and solve this problem?

A well-organized wardrobe will be extremely beneficial to you! Now you're probably wondering, "How am I going to do that?" One option is to group all of the pants, whether you hang or fold them, and skirts together, or in other words, group all of the clothing pieces together. Some people color coordinate their wardrobe, but it's not necessary.

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7. You don't allow yourself enough time to get ready

If you're a last-minute person who doesn't give yourself enough time to plan your outfit or decide what to wear, you'll end up with too many clothes and nothing to wear. That's why, whenever you go out, give yourself enough time to get ready and be fashionably late. Even if you're just going out for coffee, remember to dress to impress!Main Image Credits: katrinasalas-photo.com