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What's my relationship with winter? Winter to me has always been grumpy mornings, sore arms, 5 layers of duvets, fuzzy socks, 6 layers of clothing and feeling the cold literally go through my bones (not sure if that's actually possible, but it sure feels like it). So it's safe to say it has not been the kindest to me, my body doesn't handle it well. It still doesn't, but somewhere along the way, with a deep and relatively newly found love for fashion and another love, that's not so new, for Christmas, it became something I absolutely love, despite the cold, pain and occasional moodiness.

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Winter became something and for the past 2 years it has brought me a sense of comfort and joy. The Christmas music. The air (it just smells better, especially after it's rained). The Christmas lights everywhere. The beautiful coats, gloves and boots. Everyone looking so chic. Even house feels a little cosier. You can drink hot chocolate and not have to worry about excessively sweating and taking a shower right afterwards (Yes, i've done it before...the crime that is having hot chocolate in August). You can also go out in your PJs and no one will ever know because you threw on a fabulous coat. And of course let's not forget the outstanding Christmas movies that really do amp up your mood like nothing else. 

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I've started to find it a lot more inspiring and beecame better at handling the cold after disovering the power of thermal tank tops and tights. I now look forward to winter. Do I miss the sand, swimsuits, beach and not waking up everyday with a sore throat? Yes I do. But, do my mom's soups, my christmas songs playlist, puffy coat, maroon lipstick and The Holiday make up for that? They definitely do.

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Actually a guilty pleasure of mine has become paying Ikea a visit around the beginning or mid of December. They hang up Christmas decorations and have Christmas music playing in the background. I don't even have to buy something, I just go, walk around, maybe grab a throw or candle and i'm instantly I'm filled with cozy festive joy.

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I think we've established that the holidays are a big part of my recent love for winter, despite the fact that my family doesn't celebrate. I'm not that big of a fan of new year's or really anything after Christmas. It's just back to normal for me. My main love resides during the end of October up to December. 

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So my relationship with winter started out problematic, painful, it became and still is slightly complex and finally landed somewhere kind of healthy, a place where we both, more often than not, bring out the best in each other. Again forgive me for the cheesy references...I've already watched way too many Christmas movies and it's only November 22nd.

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