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| by Mai Atef

Fustany Talks: How I Learned to Love Winter and Deal With Depression

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The second someone opens up the topic of our relationship with winter and how we feel about it, I always tell them I hate it. My daily routine changes a lot from summer to fall and even winter, due to the change of weather and the general feeling of being cold. But I found that maybe I might be exaggerating about how I feel towards winter. Because I actually love the cosy atmosphere and how warm the house is, and the fact that I get to go out to cafes for warm drinks in the evening with my friends. But winter depression is the problem. It can really spoil our happiness and love for it. 

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Why do we get depressed in winter?

I would have liked to be someone who doesn't suffer from winter depression or doesn't get overwhelmed with sadness when there's no longer any sunshine and it becomes too cloudy. This a main cause behind winter depression for a lot of people, because the sun has a lot of impact on the human body. Not being exposed to it can cause depression and other problems, like vitamin D deficiency, which makes me feel tired and less active than the usual. So, it's harder to wake up and go to work in the morning or even have the energy to go out with friends at night. 

Also, my mood changes a lot and I become really sensitive to a lot of things, the simplest problems can make me cry. But in my opinion, each of us has a way of coping with winter depression, and today I'm going to tell you what I've been doing about it.

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Things to help with winter depression

If your mood changes a lot in winter like me, you can fight it by doing simple things that can help you. For example, I try to get some exposure to the sun by sitting in the balcony with a hot chocolate. It really helps me unwind and relax. Also I make sure to hang out with friends and sit somewhere outdoors to have breakfast.

Also try not to isolate yourself and socialize as much as you can with those around you. Exercising also really helped, not at home because we all get lazy, but going for a walk in the morning or going to the gym, because interactions with others can really help.

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The beautiful winter atmosphere

Even people who don't like winter can't deny how beautiful it is, whether it's a rainy day, morning or evening. I like to start my days with a warm drink and soothing cozy music. In the evening, there's always the option of going out to catch up with friends over yummy food. In fact, food and eating is a huge part of cold winter days. Everyone loves gathering around in winter to share delicious warm food.

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The joy of food in winter

Although I'm really thin, my relationship with food in winter becomes stronger. The idea of having a plate of food that makes me feel warm is wonderful. Food brings us joy, whether we're eating at a restaurant or even at home with family. And when I talk about food, I don't just mean the main meals, but also sweets, which can have a huge impact on our mood, like chocolate and ice cream.

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