How to find your passion? At first found it quite hard to really understand this question, but as I wrote, read and asked myself some questions, I began to pinpoint where my confusion was and why it's really hard for a lot of us to find our passion or understand how to pursue it. Below is a small infographic we made that could hopefully help guide us to somewhat of an answer...

When you google the definition of the word passion...

This is a summary of what comes up: It is an intense feeling of enthusiasm or desire towards something or someone, ranging from a simple interest or attraction to it, to a deep enjoyment of practicing that thing and a strong excitement towards it.

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So, I guess this means that passion is mostly a feeling...

So does that mean in order to find our passion, we need to start looking for our 'feelings' towards certain things? I guess people asking this question..."how to find your passion?" are looking for a path in life, whether it's for their career, general hobby, or just in order to find something that brings them joy.

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Is it impossible to stop thinking?

The problem is that since it's a feeling and we're over analyzing it and turning it into a career aptitude test, we need to stop thinking too much about it and just let ourselves feel. Remove all the logic, reasonability, life obstacles and financial worries for just a few seconds, and let our true feelings come to the surface, completely raw, naked, unfiltered or adapted to fit realism or what other people may think. Sound impossible? It nearly is, but that's why we're having this conversation, so we can find a way to make it easier. Until we can do that, maybe asking each other the right questions can help make some things a little clearer and remove some of the clutter in our head so we can start listening to what our hearts and minds are responding positively to the most...

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Before you go, let me say this...If this doesn't work for you, then you should get out, leave the screens and the articles and go experience and try different things. Experiment and try another thing, learn about something you've never heard about before. You may find something in there that fires up the excitement in you.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @indoanisa