6 of the Best Life Coaches Online and in the Middle East

Mai Atef
9/16/20, 12:00 AM

We all have problems and difficulties that affect our happiness and quality of life. We sometimes feel hopeless and we give up and give into our problems, so we end up feeling weaker and broken. Every single person needs support and help when it comes to our emotional wellbeing to help us see our own strength and motivate us to have hope and keep going. Which is why a lot of people go to life coaches to help them, motivate them and remind them that their life can and will be better. Today, we’re showing you 6 of the best life coaches online and in the middle east...

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1. Nevin Elgendy

Nevin Elgendy is currently one of the most famous life coaches in Egypt, who can help you deal with general problems you’re facing in your life, as well as deeper, more emotional relationship ones. Her Instagram has a lot of advice and tips to help you achieve your goals and find motivation and strength.

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2. Zina Geoffrey

If you’re looking for a life coach in KSA, you have to check out Zina Geoffrey. She helps people overcome sadness and anger towards the difficulties their life. She also helps provide support to help overcome phobias, stress and anxiety in order to have a better life with a healthier state of mind.

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3. Mohamed ElGhandour

Mohamed ElGhandour is another really popular life coach in Egypt, whom you’ve probably seen on TV. He helps with parenting advice, self development, your search for passions and how to love your work. He posts a series of episodes on his Instagram to help people live better and achieve their goals. 

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4. Nour El Assaad

A lot of us struggle with self-love and acceptance and body image. Many girls struggle with these problems from their teens, due to bullying and even later on in life with criticism and false beauty standards. Lebanese Life Coach Nour El Assaad helps girls and women overcome this and find strength and self-love. 

5. Abdellaziz Dalloul

Abdulaziz Dalloul is one of the most famous life coaches in Qatar who works on helping people achieve their goals and find their passions. Even if you are facing some difficulties due to negative people in your life, whether at work or friends, he can also help people handle issues like that. He gives a lot of advice on his Instagram for how to deal with people.

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6. Cherry Refaat 

Life Couch Cherry Refaat works on helping people stop the negative habits that might be affecting your life and mental health. She provides a lot of advice on how to accept oneself and stop self-blame, in order to feel stronger and more confident. You can follow her on Instagram to find out more.


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