As you know, the season sales are here and it's a great opportunity to do your holiday shopping and winter 2021 shopping for clothing, bags, shoes, and even beauty products. Grab a pen and paper so you can jot down the best sales right now. You can either shop online or head to the malls. Find below some of the sales in Egypt right now...

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Clothing Stores Sales

best sales right now

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1. H&M Sales

Once you go on their online store, you'll find an orange banner with a 50% discount sign for both online and store purchases, up until November 24. So, this is a great chance to shop for you and your family. They also offer free delivery service for any purchases past 399 EGP.

2. American Eagle Sale

American Eagle Store are offering discounts of 25% on some of their sweatshirt and pants. So, you can visit their online store and select the pieces you want.

3. Victoria's Secret Sales

If you're looking for sleepwear, pajamas, underwear or lingerie, Victoria's Secret are always a great choice. They offer numerous discounts on different items. Wherever you are, you can order the pieces you want online, or go to any Victoria's Secret branch near you to see the items and discounts for yourself.

4. Promod Sale

As you know, Promod store have many branches in different places across Egypt and other countries. You can also buy what you need online. It's offering discounts on many items, up until 50%.

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5. LC Waikiki Sale

LC Waikiki are offering up to 60% discounts on some items. It also gives an additional discount when paying online. So we think it's a great idea to take a look at their website and check out the pieces you need. 

Shoes and Bags Sales

best sales right now

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6. Pixie Shoes and Bags Sales

If you are looking for cute shoes or bags at reasonable prices, check out Pixie. Their discounts vary from one item to another, but you could definitely find something that suits you.

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7. Nine West Sales

Nine West also have international stores, among them Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They're also offering huge discounts, up to 50%. You can also buy one and get one free. If you think that your shoes and bags need an update, check them out.

8. Adidas Sales

Adidas is one of the top choices for sports shoes. It has many branches in Egypt, Arab countries and across the world, so can look for the one near you. The store is offering discounts of up to 50% for Black Friday.

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9. Dejavu Sale

Dejavu is one of the most popular women's shoe and bag stores. It offers different designs from classic designs to casual ones. This season, the store is offering discounts of up to 50%, so you can definitely buy everything you need at much lower prices.

10. Shoe Room Sale

The Shoe Room brand have comfortable, stylish shoes and bags. It also has discounts up to 25% this season for Black Friday. So, visit their online store and what they have.

Makeup and Skin Care Product Sales

best sales right now

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11. The Body Shop Sale

As you know, The Body Shop always has amazing skin care products. So if you need to stock up on some skin care, this is a great time to check them out. They have discounts up to 20%.

12. Bath & Body Works Sale

A very much loved brand for its iconic scents for candles and body care. They have offer and discounts now. You can buy two items and a third for free.

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13. Mazaya Sale

If you're looking to get some makeup, rest assured this is a great time to hit the makeup stands. Mazaya have offers and discounts on various brands of makeup and international cosmetics.

14. Faces Sale

Faces is dedicating the entire month of November to sales, calling it Pink Friday. They have discounts and different options to buy what suits you and your budget. They also give a 20% reduction from your total bill if your total purchases exceeded 3,000 EGP.

15. Ramfa Sale

Ramfa is offering a lot of different cosmetics from different famous brands with discounts up to 50%. Check their offers online and shop or go visit their stores.

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