Double Your Deals on Black Friday 2022 with 15 Secret Shopping Tips
Salma Khattab
10/24/22, 6:00 PM

Don't we all love to get the best deals for products we've been longing for? For every shopping addict out there, yes, we feel you. We, too, feel the victory whenever we win a bargain or spot a once-in-a-lifetime offer. That's why when a major shopping event such as Black Friday 2022 takes place, it's like our own Oscar Awards event. The deals offered during the Black Friday 2022 period seem to be the best that we could ever get. But wait a second. Do you imagine that these bargains can actually double? Yes, they can! There are some tricks we’ve learned to make the day even better and multiply the deals we can get our hands on! So, let's move on to the juicy part you're all waiting for. The following are our top secret tips and tricks to make the most out of the year’s biggest shopping scene, “Black Friday 2022.

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1. Double the trouble with promo codes

It is always fun to get a deal, yes? Well, it’s even better to get a great deal during Black Friday 2022. In order to do this, just remember to be on the lookout for promo codes while shopping during Black Friday 2022 before you head out to shop. There are numerous websites and apps offering promo codes, and believe it or not, you will be saving a lot more money! 

2. Sign up for newsletter emails

This tip requires you to decide which stores you will shop at, then visit their online stores to sign up for email newsletters. This should be done at least two weeks before Black Friday. Putting you on the list of people that will receive the store's emails can take time; that's why you need to register early to allow for enough time for this process. Believe it or not, newsletters, sometimes, offer you exclusive discounts and deals, so make sure to get on that list. 

3. Prepare a "must find" shopping list

In other words, prioritize your shopping list. First, arrange the things you need to buy from the most to the least important. Then, write down each store for each item. That way, you won't be roaming around a lot while shopping since you'll be organized. You can also prepare your wish list, and we recommend doing this a week or so before Black Friday. That way, when you open the website or enter the store on that day, you'll know what to look for right away or just click the purchase button without thinking because you already made up your mind about what you want to buy.

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4. Make a plan B

Because there are many other people out there who want to make the best bargains too, always consider that there is a probability that you may not find the items you are looking for. Accordingly, you need to have a backup plan by adding a second item to your Black Friday 2020 list to save time that could be wasted by standing in the middle of the shopping mall thinking of an alternative option. The same applies to online shopping during Black Friday. It happens! You click “add to cart” and you get the “sold-out” page instead. If you have a plan B, you'll just move on to the next item instead of searching a whole store or site for something else. Make sure to add all alternatives to your wish list. 

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5. Take a shopping mate with you

Not only is it more fun to shop with someone who shares the same interest as you, but it can be super helpful too during Black Friday 2022. First, this will help you both find the items you want to buy faster and easier. Your friend can visit the furniture section for the coffee table you want while you, simultaneously, might be checking the electronics section for that T.V. you’ve been dying to have. Moreover, it's a nice trick to share by buying a certain offer. Sometimes, a store offers 2-3 items for less, so you can simply divide the deal between both of you, and each can take what they only need from the package.

6. Leave the kids at home

Black Friday involves a lot of standing in line and walking through stores and you surely don't want your kids to suffer. Kids aren't as patient as we are. So, instead of feeling guilty for making them stand for a long period of time or making them feel bored while you search for the best deal s, just leave them with someone you trust at home. Neither you nor your kids will be happy sharing the Black Friday 2022 shopping experience together. 

7. Don't miss the Pre-Black Friday Deals

You might notice many retailers put some items on sale right before Black Friday's arrival. Well, these discounts can actually make the most amazing deals that probably won’t be available during Black Friday 2022. Some shops/brands don't take part in Black Friday; all they offer are the sales before that event. That's why thinking that you might get a hotter deal if you wait to shop from them on the big day might make you lose the whole bargain. 

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8. Shop for future holidays/events

Why not plan for the future? Make a list of the events coming up during this year or next year, such as the weddings you know you may be attending, and look for a masterpiece evening gown that you wouldn't be able to afford without a Black Friday deal. This way, you will be saving money in the long run since you know that the same dress would cost much more on normal days. Moreover, if you know someone or if you are going to move to another house in the near future, why not consider having a look at the appliances or furniture sections and save more money? Furthermore, If you have nothing on your mind and still want nice clothing for possible special events, there are some basics that you can add to your shopping list that will be super helpful no matter what the occasion is. For example, you can invest in a little black dress, leather jacket, basic knit sweater, or well-fitted blazer. 

9. Consider online shopping

Many of the in-store deals will be available online, so why not avoid the hassle of the endless cashier lines? Well, sometimes, deciding to stay home during Black Friday may be the best thing you could do for yourself. From the comfort of your own couch, it will only take you a couple of clicks to shop for the best deals. Just make sure you check out the “Black Friday 2022 Codes and Deals” database. Online codes and deals at hundreds of retailers are the easiest way to make the most of Black Friday.

10. Walk early into stores

The sooner you arrive at your target shopping store, the more likely you will find the items you want. Plan on waking up early to get the items on your list and be the first to take the best deals before everyone else does.

11. Follow your "cash" budget

Because not everything is really a deal, you need to know your budget and get it in cash. Leaving credit cards at home will make you think more about every purchase, which will reduce impulse shopping. This way, you'll be sure that everything you buy is something that you really need and isn't just because it's “on sale.” There will be no way you can overspend since you won't have the money to do it. Furthermore, before you ask "how do I know if it's a good bargain?" Well, always check the original sticker price on the product, then compare that to the discount to see if it is really a great deal. Not all items will have a nice discount, so don’t fall for the hype of Black Friday. Some items are originally overpriced. So, on days like these, the products will still be profitable for the retailers.

12. Pay attention to return policies and gift receipts

This is especially important if you're gifting someone. Don't let the shopping mood get you. What if you gift someone and they need to exchange/refund the present for another item but the return policy doesn't allow this? You won't be able to make use of any penny you spent on that gift. So, don't make it go to waste; ask about the shop's return policy or just make sure you pick the correct size for you or the recipient during Black Friday 2022.

13. Use a carry-on bag with you instead of carrying shopping bags

Carrying shopping bags around can slow you down, especially if you're shopping in a crowded place. We all know that slowing down on Black Friday means you will miss a lot. Therefore, we recommend you take a carry-on bag with you and put all your newly-purchased items in it as you shop. You can also take a couple of big reusable cotton shopping bags which will reduce the number of bags you'll carry by putting them all in one big bag. 

14. Chit Chat with other shoppers in the cashier line!

This may not be an actual tip, but it actually is! Why not talk to the people around you whenever you're waiting in line? Instead of feeling like you're waiting forever, you can exchange ideas with people to know how to get the best deals during Black Friday 2022. Some people are really talented at this and you may probably be standing behind one of them. Making friends while standing in line may also help you catch a hot deal you didn't pay attention to. They may save your spot while you go grab the item and come back.

15. Follow the stores on social media

One of the most important things that can make you benefit a lot during Black Friday offers is to follow your favorite stores' social media accounts. They will most likely post on their pages anything related to offers or sale before Black Friday.

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