Our Experience at Sunrise Resort: Luxurious Resort in Sharm El Sheikh!
Jasmine Kamal
10/19/22, 3:00 PM

We believe that vacations make us different people as they give us the opportunity to recharge our energy and revitalize our minds with more creative ideas. So, last weekend we - the Fustany team - thought about giving ourselves some rest for the weekend. We headed to Sunrise Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, and it was the best thing we've ever done! Since we share everything with you, it was only fair to let you in on this journey. Just keep reading and enjoy.

“Some of your best ideas come when you are on vacation” Gautam Singhania.

Meraki Hotel … A Relaxed And Charming Bohemian Style

The Meraki hotel is one of the hotels in this resort and it was also the hotel we chose to stay in; we didn’t regret our choice. From the first moment we sat foot inside the hotel, we felt comfortable and calm. The entire hotel was decorated in white and the striking bohemian décor gave it a different touch that immediately made us feel fresh and excited already. We then proceeded to walk to our rooms, and we are not exaggerating when we tell you that with each step we were feeling lighter and more comfortable and the pressure we were feeling was dwindling little by little.

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The moment we entered the rooms, we knew that this vacation was going to be different and special. I must tell you that I usually worry about hotel rooms, but this time, the Meraki Hotel completely exceeded my expectations. The room is large and spacious, and painted entirely in white. The lighting system in the room gives the façade of different shades of white. Moreover, the sofa bed is big and comfortable - I know this is something everyone is looking for. It also has all the essentials you may need during your stay. As soon as we opened the back door to the room, it was another sort of magic. We stepped out on a large area of ​​greenery, which is exactly the kind of relaxation we were looking for.

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We rested for a while, unpacked, and began to tour the hotel, which did not fail to charm us with every step. Whatever type of drinks you are looking for, you will find it in the specialized areas of the hotel that are open 24 hours. As you know, food is the most important thing on vacations, so we tried the various restaurants available inside. The Basilico, Munchery, and Yades Greece restaurants were very special. We then moved on to get to know more about the Utopia Beach Club, which is a special area for large rooms and suites.

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The special thing about this hotel is that during your stay, you will never feel bored. There are parties held by the pool everyday, including dance and foam parties, so boredom will never creep into your vacation.

Another thing is that this hotel is for adults only i.e. over 16 years old. This means that there are no children running, screaming, or crying everywhere. You will have a quiet, peaceful vacation so you don't have to worry about any disturbance. But if you are a mom and want to have fun, there is another hotel in this resort for you...

White Hills Hotel … Luxurious and Inviting Family Atmosphere

Family-friendly hotels may not be perceived nicely among people, but believe me, that's not the case with White Hills. We decided to visit this hotel during our vacation for you because we believe that all mothers deserve a happy holiday with their children too.

The hotel is charming in every sense of the word. The décor here is more luxurious and not as bohemian as Meraki; it is more suitable for a family atmosphere. The rooms here are larger; Swim Up Rooms overlook the pool and Jacuzzi Rooms have their own jacuzzi inside.

Furthermore, all drinks are available in the hotel bars. As for the food, we ate at Le Posh restaurant, which also serves top-notch food, and that makes White Hills and Meraki totally similar except that the former is more family-friendly. For example, some parties in White Hills are for adults only, where children are not allowed in. This will undoubtedly help families keep their children safe and sound.

Note: If you do not have children and want to stay in White Hills because you love luxury more or for any other reason, this is completely available and no children are required to stay there. The only thing is that you have to abide by the hotel rules as it is a family hotel.

Now that we are back in business and bursting with new energy, we can say that Sunrise Resort is on our priority list when we head to Sharm El Sheikh again.

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