10 of The Best Places to Visit in Dahab
Omnia Ibrahim
10/23/22, 12:00 PM

“A trip to Dahab can cure any bad mood.” This phrase cannot be more accurate about this charming city located in Sinai on the shore of the Red Sea. I did not realize its importance or its significance until after visiting it myself and spending one of the best vacations there. It is incredibly calm and natural in terms of its stunning natural beauty, mountains, and sea. It is a scenery where you fall asleep and wake up every day peacefully and worry-free. Dahab is also quiet in the sense that you feel as if you hear every wave that passes on the sea smoothly like silk.

Dahab can be too hot in the summer; the high temperature makes it unbearable in the hotter months. So, since the fall and winter months are the best to visit this beautiful city, we decided to dedicate an article to Dahab.

But what are the best places to visit in Dahab? Am I just going to stay in the hotel day and night staring at the sea? Of course not! There are many places that you can enjoy there and we will review them for you in this article today…

1. Blue Hole

It is one of the most famous areas for diving lovers and watching marine fish and coral reefs. You will surely enjoy watching fish and other colorful marine creatures enchantingly circling you in the waters of the Red Sea. Therefore, if you are a fan of scuba diving, do not miss visiting this charming place and practicing this sport. Bear in mind that it is very important to practice it with a professional diver and never do it alone.

2. Ralph's German Bakery

Do you want to try one of the most delicious pastries and croissants in this charming city? The aroma of this wonderful bakery will surely entice you with its delicious desserts that go well with a cup of hot cappuccino in the morning! So, if you are a fan of this delicious breakfast, try this bakery and you will not regret it.

3. Mount Sinai

One of the great activities that you can do during your next visit to Dahab is to visit Mount Sinai and try to climb it. Watching the sunrise on the surface of this mountain has another level of enjoyment! It’s a magical scenery where the red mountains and the reflection of the sun’s rays on them are really an experience that cannot be missed in Dahab.

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4. Lagoon Beach

One of the most exciting beaches to visit is Lagoon Beach. Everyone told me that I will witness the most beautiful sunset in my life when I visit this beach. Well, they didn’t lie! Far from there are many hotels located on this beach that you can simply book and enjoy the beauty of this scene every day. Walking on the lagoon beach while listening to the birds chirping around you is an experience you will never forget.

5. Ras Abu Galum

Aside from being a charming beach like all the beaches in this special city, there are many activities that you can do there. Riding a Jeep and taking a safari in the mountains and Sinai desert on the edge of this beautiful beach is an exhilarating thing you should try. If you do not like or are afraid of horse riding, try this safari.

6. Asalah

This is one of the quietest areas that you will enjoy when you visit the charming city of Dahab. It has many hotels that you can book and enjoy the tranquility while watching the sea in front of you every day. This is a terrific chance to quit the daily routine and noise that you definitely do not want on your vacation so that you can relax after months of long work.

7. Salt Lake, Magic Lake

This is one of the lakes located at the lagoon shore that people usually visit to enjoy swimming. There are many rumors claiming that the percentage of salt in this sea is equal to the percentage of salt in the Dead Sea, and this is the reason why it is a shrine for people.

There are also many people who use the special mud at the edge of this lake to make face and body masks to get rid of dead skin and purify their complexion.

8. The Famous City Market of Dahab

You will enjoy going on a shopping spree in this amazing market. Who does not like to try or live the experience of shopping in this place by the sea? We may be tired of the malls scattered in Cairo inside air-conditioned buildings. But surely the experience of open-air shopping and buying local products made by Egyptian hands and residents of Dahab is very special.

9. Meyya Meyya Restaurant

After practicing many different sports such as diving, camel riding, and mountain climbing, you definitely need a delicious local Egyptian meal to help you regain your strength and energy. This is where the famous Dahab restaurants come. There are many options available for you to try and satisfy your cravings.

Meyya Meyya Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Dahab for serving delicious Egyptian traditional dishes. It is one of the restaurants that travelers voted for in 2022 on the "Tripadvisor" list as the best restaurant in Dahab. Therefore, if you want to experience tasting dishes from Egyptian cuisine by the sea and sitting on chairs and tables inspired by the Bedouin heritage, do not miss this restaurant.

10. Mount Saint Catherine

Who does not know this famous mountain? Climbing this mountain is an adventure that you will never forget. I know that your legs can hurt once you finish climbing Mount Saint Catherine, but the sight at the top of this mountain will make you forget whatever effort you have exerted. The snow on the surface of this mountain at sunrise is an adventure that you will not experience in Cairo every day. Therefore, do not miss it and put it on the list of places you can visit in Dahab or simply use this article to guide you!

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