Have a BOOtiful Halloween with These 20 Spooky Movies!

Mariam Youssef
10/1/22, 3:00 PM

Recently, we’ve started seeing Halloween celebrations in Egypt, from decorations to themed parties. If you’re not big on decorating your home for the spooky season or find themed parties too much, you can simply sit on your couch and watch scary, horror movies. That said, we hope you’ll have a bootiful Halloween with these spooky 20 movies that we listed below just for you.

1. Scream

Despite the fact that the Scream series now has five films, the 1996 original is a Halloween staple. In this film, the Ghostface killer kills teenagers who reside in a tiny town for the first time before resurfacing in the sequels. A girl sets out to find him with her pals, but not everyone makes it.

2. Hocus Pocus

300 years after being executed for their spell craft in Salem, Massachusetts, three witches reappear. The three children who unintentionally brought the witches back to life are doing all in their power to prevent them from bringing them back to Salem. This outrageous comedy will make your Halloween a blast because it features witches, black cats, and lots of chuckles.

3. Get out

Chris is a little concerned about how his girlfriend's parents will react when they learn that their daughter is dating a black man. Her family initially comes out as perfectly courteous and cool, but Chris quickly learns he shouldn't have just been anxious about meeting them; he should have been terrified to death. A dangerous family secret could endanger Chris' life.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The town's year-round celebration of its eponymous festival, Halloween, bores Jack Skellington. When he unintentionally ends up in Christmas Town, he makes the decision to hijack the celebration and abduct Santa. But Jack doesn't quite get the holiday right; during his type of Christmas, there are skeletal reindeer and toys made out of shrunken skulls. This Christmas tale also doubles as a wonderful Halloween tale thanks to all of these spooky additions!

5. Halloweentown

Three siblings aren't permitted to celebrate Halloween in this timeless Disney Channel Original Movie. They escape with their grandmother, who loves Halloween, and learn that she is a witch from a place named Halloweentown. Halloweentown has three sequels, so try watching them all this year!

6. I Know What You Did Last Summer

A new era of slasher movies began with the release of this cult masterpiece! One year after covering up a hit-and-run incident in which they killed a man and discarded his body, four friends find themselves on the wrong side of a hook-wielding stalker.

7. Poltergeist

You should see the classic spooky film Poltergeist right away. The Freeling family leads a peaceful, regular life in the suburbs of California until a string of unsettling, strange paranormal events put their very existence in danger.

8. The Sixth Sense

Can we discuss scary movies without mentioning The Sixth Sense? The spooky movie, which is unquestionably at the top of any Halloween must-see list, centers on a young kid who is determined to keep a supernatural secret from everyone including his psychologist.

9. Edward Scissorhands

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A scientist passes away before he can complete his greatest creation, Edward, a flawless human. With metal scissors for hands and abandoned in a castle on top of a hill, Edward's life is about to change when Peg, a compassionate woman, finds him and invites him into her house. Although he has a kind, loving nature and is first accepted by the society, his scissor hands cause him to become an outcast, especially once he starts to fall in love with Peg's daughter. This is the Halloween movie you should see if you want to cry rather than shriek in terror.

10. Fantasy Island

A gang of strangers thinks they've won the trip of a lifetime, but they quickly discover that they've actually won the vacation of their worst nightmares, and they need to find a way home before it's too late.

11. Candyman

List Candyman among the spookiest movies ever. In this film, a PhD student investigates the myth about a killer who uses a hook to swarm bees and emerges when you repeat his name.

12. Ma

When an older woman lets some kids use her basement for parties, the kids think they've discovered the ideal location. However, when they start to observe the older woman's perplexing behavior, things start to change.

13. Halloween

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When watching Halloween, you might want to keep the lights on because it's very spooky! After killing his younger brother and sister, Michael Meyers was hospitalized. He runs away as a teenager and begins pursuing someone. You'll be kept on your toes by this movie, which has grown into a sizable film series with 13 films since its 1978 debut. It’s the perfect film marathon, for sure!

14. Practical Magic

Sally and Gillian Owens, two sisters who come from a magical family, have never used their abilities. But that changes when a local detective develops a suspicion of them, especially that all the men they've ever loved in their lives pass away as a result of a curse.

15. The Haunted Mansion

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The Haunted Mansion, a film based on the theme park adventure, follows the Evers family as they attempt to take a vacation together until Jim Evers forces them to tour a mansion that he plans to sell. The family is forced to spend the night after a storm traps them there. Somewhere, they learn the tragic tale of two past lovers who passed away before they could wed and attempt to solve the riddle of the old mansion's hauntings.

16. Twitches

Twins who were split up as babies eventually reunite on their 21st birthday and discover they have magical abilities. They attempt to discover their true selves while working together to restore their world before it is too late. Check out its sequel, Twitches Too, after watching this one.

17. The Addams Family

This movie is ideal for Halloween since it’s goofy and frightening. Gomez Addams, the family man, confesses to his attorney Tully that he hasn't spoken to his brother Fester in a long time. Tully’s son poses as Fester in an attempt to break into the Addams family's vault. The Fester impersonator finds it challenging to blend in with the Addams, though. Dark magic is prevalent in their home, and the Addams have a difficult time adjusting to life outside of it after being evicted. If Wednesday, the eccentric daughter of the Addams family, doesn't frighten you, then Thing (who is only a hand), will for sure!

18. Beetlejuice

The spirits of Adam and Barbara Maitland are notified that they must stay in their home for 150 years after they passed away in a car accident. This is okay up until the point when their home is sold to a family they despise. The yuppie Deetz family is not welcome in the Maitlands' lovely home, which they adore. Beetlejuice, a freelance bio-exorcist, is hired by the couple to scare the Deetzes away, but the assignment is put on hold when Beetlejuice decides that he must marry Lydia, the Deetzes' daughter, in order to go back to the living world.

19. The Craft

A new student at a Catholic prep high school befriends three outcast adolescent witches, and they soon all cast spells and curses against anyone who even slightly irritates them. It's like Mean Girls with a witchy twist.

20. Corpse Bride

Victor Van Dort, a young (and alive!) man, somehow ends up getting married to the Corpse Bride, a skeletal woman who also happens to be dead, instead of his chosen bride-to-be. Now Victor must decide between Victoria, his former fiancée, and his new Corpse Bride. Oh, the tension!



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