When comes Fall, our beach tropical looks are stored in the back of our closets until next April at least, and whilst that makes us kind of depressed, we need to make the executive decision for us all to not go into hibernation. As much as we can at least. With traditionally more layers, Fall and Winter provide a lot less space for outfit experimentation. And that’s okay, because now we have the time and space to put our focus. on what some of us might have been ignoring all summer, our nails! (I said some, don’t attack me) Here are the current nail trends whether it be nail art designs, the concepts and colors so you can feel good about your nails the upcoming Fall season.

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The anticipated color trends for this season: 

1. Oh, so bleu: Blue shades of all forms are back, keep dark, electric and aquamarine tones into consideration. Go for: Essies ‘Anchor Down’ or ‘Aruba Blue’


2. Forest greens: Here we’re talking any shade of green you can see on a tree, dark green galore as well as sage and olive tones. Go for: OPIS ‘Olive for Green’ or ‘Stay off the Lawn’


3. Purples: Lavender has been so in, but we’re thinking more on the darker side of the spectrum here. Purples with moody blue undertones are great for fall. Go for: OPIs Turn On the Northern Lights.


4. Browns: The coffee inspired color palette we desire, there are over five different shades of brown in the OPI collection. Go for: That’s What Friends Are Thor, Chocolate Moose or Icelanded A Bottle of OPI.


5. Burnt oranges: Just in time for pumpkin spice season, you’ll be matching with your drink. Go for: Essie Playing Koi Burnt Orange


6. Metallics: This one is self-explanatory, and we’re grateful for their return. Go for: Runway Bronzo or Cosmic Dust


7. Vampire red: Think Buffy or The Vampire Diaries, think dark blood shot red. Go for: Dior Nuit 1947 or you could find a cheaper alternative such as OPI Black Cherry Chutney


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Nail art and trends we’ve been seeing: 


Image credits: lifestylebyannaelizabeth

1. Swirl nails

These nails are so in right now, we’ve already done them at our nail salon in like six different colors. These quirky yet avant-garde nails are the perfect addition to your outfit no matter if its simple or out there. 

Our tip: Take a picture with you to the salon so you can follow the design, and make sure the nail technician applies a proper gel coat as the base of the nail won’t have any proper coating, this type of design is extra sensitive to peeling or getting ruined


Image credits: fashionisers

2. French tip manicure with a twist

This is so wearable and adorable, we’re surprised no one thought about it earlier. Despite classic French manicures being a staple for any nail lover out there, or anyone that takes care of their nails, why don’t we experiment with our tips, why do they have to be a boring white? Well not anymore, we’ve been seeing the twist to the classic French manicure with all types and sorts of colors, we especially love the red like in the reference picture.

Our tip: Start with doing with French tip manicure but in black, have faith in us, this will be one of your classics this fall. It matches with everything. Then when you’re done and feel a little more out there, experiment with colors, patterns and maybe even nail jewels.


Image credits: REVIVAL

3. Sage green

Ah, green, one of the colors of the year. We don’t know when we all just started liking green, but we’re super into it. A beloved neutral, you can pull off either a mixed neutral outfit or a monochrome look with these. We’re dying for the little flower detail. 

Our tip: Try and explore little details you think could become a part of your nail look but proceed with caution. Not everything that looks good in your head can be executed correctly. Wanna know a little secret? You can do the flower pattern yourself at home with a toothpick, don’t tell anyone we said that out loud.

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Image credits: Pinterest

4. Brown around town

Hear us out, brown has evolved to be a part of our classic color palette year. And despite its reputation as a daring color, it is simply time for us to let go of our stigmas, and free ourselves of restraints of not knowing how to pull it off. It’s so simple and looks super good. With a look like the one above, a classic ombre with each nail being a different gradient, it will match with so many outfits.

Our tips: Don’t be shy when it comes to this one, you can either go for the plain look or customize your own designs on the nails. Plan your outfits in advance, so you don’t find yourself out with mismatched nails and an outfit that makes you want to go home.


Image credits: alfemminile

5. Mix and match

This is like the one above, but with a colorful twist to it. Honestly, it kind of reminds us of candy and looks super edible and yummy all at once. This look is so easy to wear, match with outfits and take care of. The pastels are giving us cotton candy daydreams/ Katy Perry circa teenage dream, but you can mix and match any colors of your pleasing.

Our tip: Plan and think about the colors you’re going to use in advance, we’re not saying be hesitant, we’re saying know what you’re going to do and don’t show up to the salon and pick five random colors, try to keep them in the same color scale, palette or gradients. (Because they’re pastels, the colors in the picture don’t look out of place together)

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Image credits:YouBeauty

6. Double trouble French

A personal favorite, you would think at first glance that this one would be hard for the nail technician to pull off, but its surprisingly super easy. You can do this with whatever color scheme if you want, and they don’t even have to match. This will look great wherever you are, running errands, at work or going to class.

Our tip: At least be a little experimental, it can’t hurt right? Try and mix colors you wouldn’t usually wear, or colors that don’t go together. Maybe create a mix and match look and combine trends together.


Image credits: PinterestCandy Colored Beauty

8. Artsy party nails for Halloween and the holidays

Okay, we love the holidays, Christmas specifically being our favorite time of the year. We also love being extra we really do, which is why whenever there’s an occasion like Halloween, Christmas, thanksgiving, we go all out. You can create some really cool designs for the holidays, like the cute Halloween ghost nails, or the grinch ones. With a lot of creativity and ideas to work with, you can switch this one up.

Our tip: Find your own designs and adapt them to curate your very own look, don’t just copy other peoples, that way you’ll feel like you have something of your very own.