How to Make Your Nails Shiny Without Any Nail Polish

Zeina Tawfik
11/1/20, 12:00 AM

If you're always used to the lustre of nail polish, but you want your nails to breathe every now and then, I'll hereby tell you how to make your nails shiny without any nail polish! In fact, it's very important for every woman to know how to keep her nails shiny without nail polish, because there's nothing more feminine than clean and glossy nails.

How to make your nails shiny without nail polish:

1. Rose Water

Did you know that if you apply rose water to your nails daily they will look more shiny. There is no need to head in for a weekly manicure, because with rose water consistently you will achieve that shiny look without any nail polish. 

2. Petroleum Jelly

 Another natural way to make your nails look more shiny. The trick is to apply petroleum jelly consistently to your nails, especially after a shower where your pores are open, as it helps prevent your nails from losing its natural moisture. Which will keep your nails looking shiny and healthy. 

3. Oils Oils Oils

Many women skip cuticle oil in their nail care routine, but they have no idea how beneficial it is! One of the main steps to make your nails shiny without nail polish, is applying cuticle oil. How does it help your nails? Cuticle oil prevents your nails from becoming brittle and dry, and yes, it also helps to make your nails shiny. Pick your favorite oil and later it all over your nails and cuticles. We highly recommend almond oil or baby oil, as they also keep your nails and cuticles moisturized, thereby avoiding any crack or dryness, leading to healthy and shiny nails

We also recommend going for an olive oil soak: 

1. Heat up some olive oil, make sure it’s not hot, just warm. 

2. Dip your nails into the olive oil and soak them for two minutes. 

3. After the two minutes are over, wrap your hands and nails with a plastic bag, or you can wear plastic gloves and leave them on for an hour or as long as can.

4. Once that is done, was your hands with water and then moisturize. We promise after this your nails will look as shiny as you applied nail polish. 

4. Rub your nails with lemon slices.

If you regularly apply nail polish, you're more prone to have yellow nails. To help your nails stay shiny without any nail polish, try to regularly rub them with lemon slices. You can also try this simple homemade remedy for shiny nails...just mix 1 tbsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of olive oil until you have a thick paste, and rub on your nails, then wash with water. That way, you'll keep your nails shiny, healthy and strong!

5. Use a nail buffer.

Every woman must have a nail buffer in her nail care kit. The nail buffer is a simple tool, which you can use to rub with your nails with for super shiny nails! As soon as you use a nail buffer and see your glossy nails, you won't be able to stop using it.

6. Whitening Toothpaste

We know this tip might seem a bit unusual, but you’ve just got to try it before you judge, because toothpaste is a great way to make your nails look shiny and healthy without any nail polish on it. Apply some toothpaste to each nail, and using a wet nail brush, start brushing away. Once you’re done you’ll instantly see the results you’re looking for. 

7. Lemon Juice

If you wear nail polish consistently then you’re probably suffering from yellowish nails. You’re probably thinking you need to give your nails a break, but don’t look like the look of your yellow nails. Well, there is a way to get rid of that looks and leave your nails looking shiny and healthy. 

How to make a lemon scrub for healthy and shiny nails: 

1. Mix a table spoon of baking soda, some salt and one lemon, in a small bowl of water. 

2. Soak your nails in the lemon mixture for about 10 minutes. 

3. Using an old toothbrush or nail brush, scrub your nails thoroughly then wash your hands. You will not need to apply any nail polish after this scrub. 

8. Everyday Hacks for shiny nails without nail polish 

As mentioned above, you can go for scrubs, masks and applying products consistently, but the most important of tips are things you can incorporate in your daily lifestyle to make sure you leave your nails shiny and healthy.

- Wear gloves when doing the dishes

- Give your nails a break from nail polish whenever you can, avoid back to back manicures. 

- Opt for breathable nail polish and use good quality nail polish remover to make sure your giving your nails the best care.

Main Image Credits: Honestly WTF


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