A Checklist of the Nail Kit You Need at Home

Heba Abohemed
3/24/16, 12:00 AM

Got no time to go to the nail salon, but you really can’t stand having your nails without a manicure? Then, you really need to read this checklist of the nail kit you should have at home for such an emergency. Having neat and good looking nails can make every woman feel better; this is why you must have the basic nail care tools at home.

1. Nail polish remover:

Pick a type of a nail polish remover that contains no acetone, to keep your nails healthy and damage-free.

2. A plastic foot tub, and a small plastic bowl for your hands:

You'll need them to put your feet and hands in warm water, to make your nails softer and easier to trim and file.

3. Moisturizing cream or oil:

A moisturizing cream or oil are crucial to make your nails and cuticles softer and healthier.

4. Cuticle pusher:

The cuticle pusher is used to clean the nails from any extra dead skin - this makes the nails looks neater.

5. Nail file:

It’s the most important piece of your nail kit for home; no woman should run out of nail files.

6. Wood board nail file:

The purpose of the wood board nail file, is to make the edges of your nails softer.

7. Buffer:

You'll use the buffer, which is a little squared tool, to make the nails shiny and soft.

8. Cuticle nipper:

Cuticle nippers will help you get rid of the extra skin on the sides of nails, for better looking nails.

9. Nail brush:

The best way to make your nails clean, is by washing them with a nail brush and gentle soap.

10. Top coat and base coat:

In order to protect your nails from nail polish, you should put a base coat, and to protect nail polish from peeling, you've got to apply a top coat.

11. Your favorite nail polish color:

You should always have your favorite nail polish color within reach, to apply it whenever you want to.


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