Deciding to do your nails at home instead of the salon might seem like an easy decision until you actually try it out. It’s without a doubt, cheaper, less time consuming -as you won’t have to go all the way to the salon- and you get to do your nails the way you wish. But careful because it really isn’t as easy as it looks. Nails are very delicate sensitive parts of our bodies and the last thing you would want is a mani-pedi going wrong. Here are all the things that might go wrong when how doing your nails at home and how to avoid them.

Trimming your nails

The worst outcome you can get is a nail cut too deep, you'll probably end up with an injured bleeding nail that may get completely removed and that is really painful to deal with. Try to stay away from the nail bed and make sure you are using the right clipper.

Filing your nails

Avoid ending up with that messy looking nail that you hate, when you file; go only in one direction instead of back and forth and you'll get the perfect finish.

Removing dead skin and cuticles

The most important and iffy step is to remove the dead skin and dry cuticles. If you tried it before and ended up bleeding then here is where it must have gone wrong. Either you were too aggressive with your hands while removing the dead skin or you forgot to put cuticle gel first. Be gentle while using the cuticle nippers, and don't forget to moisturize after.

If you are not a pro, don't use sharp blades and stick to a pumice stone to remove dead skin by rubbing your feet with it, it will do just fine.

Painting your Nails

Finish off your nails in style. Getting a clumpy or out of place nail polish would ruin the entire look; to avoid this, first, wipe your nails with nail polish remover to make sure your nails are clean. Paint in the middle and move slowly towards the edges, try to avoid painting the skin.

Never ever skip your base and top coats. The base coat protects nails from staining and weakening, and the top coat gives you a shiny glamorous finish.

Make sure to wait until the first coat dries completely before applying a second coat to avoid getting a clumpy nail polish.

For further elaboration check out this tutorial.