Our nails are not always in the best condition and sometimes we just really crave those gorgeous, long, healthy looking nails so we can flaunt them around and stare at them whenever we get the chance. You also, sometimes, don't want to wait around until your natural nails start getting longer, especially if you have an event and you need a quick fix. There are two ways you can easily apply fake nails at home and have them look like you just got them done at the salon, saving money, time. 

1. Press On Nails

I never liked my fake nails when I got them at the salon and press on nails helped me realize how easily I can apply fake nails for myself at home. Press on Nails are quick and fast, they usually already have the color and shape perfected and you can buy the length and size that fits you. I personally like to adapt the length and shape to my own liking because this is the key to get fake nails to look natural. I also prefer this method because the stick on does a lot less damage to your nail than the liquid nail glue does. 

1. Make sure your natural nails are completely clean from any polish remnants, oils or creams by giving them a swipe of alcohol.

2. Before removing the fake nails stickers, match every nail to each finger and lay them out in order so you don't get confused.

3. Start from your pinky, removing the sticker and pushing your cuticles back with the fake nail's base and then pressing it on firmly for around 10 seconds to secure it place.

4. Keep going until you've applied them all and then start filing. It is recommended to file the nails before you stick them on so they don't move around and can stay on for a longer period.  

2. Glue On Nails

This isn't a healthy approach but it can be done for emergencies and gluing on fake nails does last a lot longer. They require a bit more effort when it comes to shaping and applying nail polish but it isn't half as a hard as you think. Watch the video below for a detailed tutorial on how to do fake nails at home. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @paintbucketnails

Video Credits: Tina Halada