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| by Jasmine Kamal

This Easy Technique Will Make You Bestfriends With Ombre Nails This Winter

We've talked before about the trendy nail polish colors this winter, the nail shapes and nail arts and designs that are so in this season. We've also spoken about nail art when it comes to special events, and we've given you tips on how to keep your nails healthy and almost naturally polished especially in winter. Today, we bring you a new trend that is so 'in', chic and also pretty doable. Since this winter has marked the return of many old fashion trends, we decided to let you know that ombre nails are powerfully back on track nowadays, and is also not as complicated as it might seem!

Years ago, Ombre nails trend used to be one of the most popular nail designs, and everybody thought it would never be trendy anymore. To everybody's surprise, Ombre is now the top 1 nail trend among all, especially when it comes to winter hues. Having a gradient nail art is the most fashionable thing nowadays.

Because most people think that it takes an expert to do these nail designs, I've decided to show you this video that proves otherwise. Check it, and you'll be surprised of how easy this trend is!

Main image credits: fashonableoutfits.blogspot

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