It's October already! Not all of us celebrate Halloween or wear costumes with matching nails. However, most of us care about fall fashion and what hairstyles, nails and makeup go with the season. If you don't care that much about Halloween, here's one use you can make out of this event, to avoid dressing up as a scary witch:

Pumpkins, tree leaves, black costumes and blood are all main elements of the Halloween theme, but have you ever thought that these items can inspire us to actually create an elegant fall color scheme? Yes they do! Halloween decorations, themes and costumes form more than one color palette that can inspire us to create a lot of nail art ideas to match everyday fall outfits. Nevertheless, 'getting inspired' doesn't always mean you have to pick orange shades to match a pumpkin! Inspiration can be through other colors such as dark red, brown, black, olive green, yellow, white, grey and more! It can also be through symbols like spider webs, patches or funny faces! Here are some of these ideas:

1. Black with one contrasting color

Paint your nails in black and only your ring finger will be in a contrasting orange. It would be even better if you add a spider-web inspired drawing on that odd nail. Also, if you don't prefer black nail polish, you can replace it with a dark green shade.


2. Halloween color scheme

Paint each nail in a separate color of the following: pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, olive green, black and brown.


3. Dark red ombre

This is a wild choice! If you love this shade, why not take it to the next level? You may even add a touch of gold nail art above the ombre color!


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4. Black + Nude combo 

If you're a nude freak then this one is for you! Why not use your beloved shade in a Halloween theme? Here's one idea.


5. Halloween Nail Art

The internet is full of easy DIY nail art that can be easily made at home! Pick an idea of your choice and go ahead!



6. Pumpkin shade with a glimpse of gold/glitter

Just use an orange nail polish of your choice and your index finger can pop this time in a golden shade.


7. Color Scheme collage/pattern

You can also mix and match any of the above ideas together, and create a whole new one!


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