Whether you head to a store to load up on Halloween decoration, or decorate the pumpkins yourself, it is time to get your place in the Halloween sprit.

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First of all, if you do not already know this, the official Halloween colors are black and orange! Of course you can also integrate some red and white for the blood and ghosts. The key is to stick to these colors when you are decorating your home.

You must get creative, you don't actually need to buy spider straws and plastic skeletons, you can create your very own decoration. You can go for something more tasteful like orange candles, or black and orange jelly beans. However, the one thing you must buy is a pumpkin! Go all out with your pumpkins, either carve them, or color them and lay them around your home. Light some candles inside your pumpkin, cut up some black paper in the shape of bats and spiders and hang them around your house. Do not underestimate what a candle and black piece of paper can do to your walls; spooky shadows!

To give you guys a few ideas, I raided quite a few Pinterest boards, of course Martha Stewart was one of them, so get inspired and start adding a Halloween ambiance to your home.

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