How to Style Your Coffee Table

Zeina Tawfik
8/24/14, 12:00 AM

What are the most important furniture pieces in your living room? I bet you'd all say the couch and the coffee table! Let's put the couches aside now and just focus on the coffee tables... Don't you agree that they're the centerpiece of your living room? That's why it's really worth taking the time to style your coffee table, in a way that says who you are, using a color palette that matches with the rest of the living room furniture. They key to having a perfectly styled coffee table, is mixing and matching different elements, an adding in an unexpected item to keep it interesting and personal. Here is the way to give your coffee table a new look, and the essential items you'll need...

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1. Books

Use a stack of coffee table books to be arranged neatly on top of each other. It's important you pick books that truly reflect your taste and personality, with interesting covers and spines. The most popular coffee table books are the ones about art, fashion, style and photography. You can also have your collection of coffee tables books in two piles, and make sure to top each stack with an accessory.

2. Candles

To set the ambiance for your living room, you'll definitely need scented candles. Play with scale and add a couple of candle holders in different heights, or you can place a pillar candle in a glass hurricane or bowl on the coffee table. Keep a little box of matches nearby to encourage you to light up the candles.

3. Greenery

Whether you choose to add a plant pot or a vase of flowers, greenery will certainly add a needed pop of color to your coffee table. Make sure to consider the height of plants or flowers you'll choose, because you don't want to add anything that will make seeing across the room difficult. Also, be sure to pick indoor plants and flowers, but if you're not very good with maintaining them, you could always go for fake ones.

4. Decorative Accessories

These are usually the elements that express your personality the most. Here are a few examples of the items that you can add: bowls, coasters, sculptures, boxes, ashtrays, etc. Try to use decorative accessories that grab the attention and would spark a conversation with your guests. Those seashells you collected on your honeymoon trip? Oh yes, they would look perfect if you fill them in a small bowl.

5. Trays

No, trays don't only belong to the kitchen! You'll actually need a tray to arrange your coffee table, it'll come in handy when you need to put that stack of books beside the vase of flowers and the other miscellaneous accessories. Always pick a tray that has the same color of scheme of the rest of the items, and don't be afraid to go for printed or metallic ones.

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