With the summer coming to an end, some students will be making a big move, choosing to study abroad, graduates applying for jobs all around the globe looking for the best opportunity, and family going their separate paths after meeting for a reunion in the summer. Parting is definitely hard, but to make it a little easier on you, there are simple things you can do to make your place feel at home when you are miles away

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1. Souvenirs

Before you travel you need to be a tourist in your own country. Buy souvenirs of the famous sightseeing areas in your country and place them around your home.

2. Take your pillow

This can actually make a huge difference in your room. Sleeping on the same pillow you always slept on will give your new bed a sense of familiarity.

3. Frame it

Gather up all the pictures you can get of your friends and family and frame them all around your room and house. 

4. Childhood toys

Take a few of your old teddy bears or toys from when you were a kid and store them around the house. It will add a nice sentimental touch to your home and it will be a nice conversation stater when you have friends over. 

5. Paint the walls

If your bedroom had a peach wall or a colorful rug, try to find something similar and add it to your new place, it will instantly give the room a sense of being back at home. 

6. Cook your favorite meals

While it maybe easier to eat junk food regularly, gather up a few recipes from your family and make yourself a traditional meal every once in a while. 

7. Host a housewarming 

A house warming is the perfect way to turn a newly furnished house into a home. People coming in, bringing you house warming gifts will have a huge impact on you. 

8. Magnets

Do not underestimate the effects of magnets on a fridge. Take some of your favorite magnets and add them to your kitchen fridge.

9. Plants

If you are used to having plants in your home, then fill your home with flowers and plants. Don't be afraid to go for some fake flowers in vases, they will give off the same homey effect. 

10. Scent

You know how every home has a scent. You need to find yours and try to imitate it. Find your favorite candle that you used to light and scatter it around your new place. Coming home to your scent will make it all the more homey. 

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