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| by Heba Abohemed

This Quick Fix Scrub Is Exactly What You Need to Have Beautiful Nails

Do you constantly feel like you have to hide your natural nails with nail polish because they are either yellow or they look tired? Well, let me tell you that nail polish is the number one reason why you have yellow nails, the second reason why your nails are yellow is that you're probably not taking the time to take care of them every week. 

Don’t worry, because everything can be fixed, and yellow tired nails can be undone with a very simple, homemade scrub. This quick fix scrub is exactly what you need to have beautiful nails, and it’s made of:

- Two simple ingredients, lemon and bicarbonate sodium.

- Squeeze half a lemon over 2 tsp bicarbonate sodium, you’ll notice a bubbly reaction right away, leave it until it stops, and then apply it on your nails.

- Rub the mixture on your nails in a circular motion and then let it sit on for 10 minutes.

- Wash your hands very well with Lukewarm water, and enjoy looking at your new and whiter nails.  

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @helloglossy

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