The cardigan is among the most versatile clothing item anyone can own for most seasons. Its material, of course, differs according to which season we're in. In summer, you'll find cotton or silk cardigans but in winter, wool cardigans are a winner for their coziness and warmth.

Every time I roamed around stores to buy clothes for this winter 2020, I bumped into more than one kind, brand, color and shape of cardigans. I hadn't originally planned to get a chunky wool cardigan, but after organizing and taking a look at my wardrobe, I realized how it can be of great use to me. I bought myself one and to be honest, I think I might be going back to buy another.

Because of the amount of warmth wool provides, you might not need to have a lot of layers on. They give a chic modern look and go with almost anything. I've gathered below some cardigans from stores' winter 18/19 collections for those of you looking to add a wool cardigan to your wardrobe.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @street_style_corner