The Crying-Girl Makeup Trend: Here’s How to Achieve It Step by Step
Mariam Youssef
3/8/23, 2:00 PM

Deep down in our heart of hearts, we’ve always known that we look cute when we cry; at least most of us do. And now it’s officially a trend! Yes, Tik-tok crying-girl makeup has been a trend for a few months now and we’re so ready to try it. The idea behind this makeup look is to make you look like the cutest sad girl. It’s time to show off your last night’s good cry without shying away from people. Crying-girl makeup is all about rosy cheeks, defined lashes, and glistening eyes. On that note, we’ll show you how to achieve this look by listing simple steps.

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But before we get into it, did you ask yourself why this unconventional crying-girl makeup is picking up steam? Well, some theories say that because crying is nothing to be ashamed of, girls want to share this publicly. Other theories say that there is a romanticized trend toward crying and posting photos afterward, without makeup or with smudged liner. TikTokers, in specific, do this and come across as vulnerable or real. Moreover, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Nicola Peltz Beckham, and Billie Eilish have also contributed to the crying selfie mania on social media and genuinely looked pretty good while doing it.

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So, without further ado, let’s get into the crying-girl makeup steps:

Soft neutral lips

For starters, you need a neutral nude lip pencil or lipstick. After applying it, soften the edges with a brush then add a neutral liner. The point is not to have a defined line on your lips; everything needs to be blended and blurred out.

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Blush, blush, blush!

The next step is to make your cheeks, nose, and eyes as rosy as possible to resemble how you actually look after a good cry. You may start applying liquid blush on your cheeks and nose then add powder blush on the same spots to accentuate the look even more. When it comes to your eyes, add blush or any pink shadow on the lid, the lower lash line, and underneath your eyes where you usually apply your concealer.

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The glistening effect

Use liquid glitter on the bottom lash line and blend it out well with a brush.  You can use the same product on your lids, inner corners, and the cupid’s bow or you can opt for glittery silver eyeshadow or highlighter to do the trick. Moreover, if you need to really look like you’re crying, you may take the highlighter or glitter down to your cheeks to resemble tears.

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Lashes and brows

Naturally, after a good cry, your lashes are at their best look because they’re wet and curled up. To achieve this look, use a lash curler and use mascara, but don’t overdo it. You need to look natural, so heavy mascara is a no-no. As for brows, you need to make them look laminated. Use a brow gel and comb your brow hair to look well polished. The brow thing may not be a major step in this crying-girl makeup, but it’s a nice step to complete the overall look.

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The gloss!

We’re quite taken aback by how the gloss can truly transform this look from good to gorgeous. Do not miss this step as the gloss will add this finish that will make the whole look come together. It is best to use clear gloss; however, you can also use pink or peach-toned gloss to emphasize the lip color.

Note: this makeup look is for every skin tone, but some of the mentioned above colors may not work well with dark-skin girls. So, if you have dark skin, opt for red or burned orange blush to achieve the crying effect. As for the lips, use a pink-toned nude shade that matches your skin color.

Last but not least, spray some fixing and setting spray on to ensure that everything stays in place for the longest time possible.

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