Our eyelashes really get mistreated all the time. All these mascara, makeup removers, facial washes, false eyelashes, dust and pollution isn't their best friend. All this makes them weak and thin and not all of us were born with naturally thick long lashes. Using an eyelash serum may help them grow thicker, fuller and maintain the existing ones. I believe that the best products are homemade and that's why I come bearing gifts! Here you go, a DIY recipe that will give you the best eyelash growth serum in 2019.


- Castor Oil

- Vitamin E drops

- Sweet Almond Oil


1. Mix 1 tsp of each ingredient together. 

 2. Put them in a bottle and apply to your eyelashes before bedtime, everyday.

Castor oil is really good for hair growth. Vitamin E and sweet almond oil are hydrating and protective agents. Use this regularly before sleeping and be careful not to get the serum in your eyes.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @lilyjcollins