Since we wrote about the best body shimmers in the market last week, I haven't been able to shake the idea off of how amazing would it feel and look by the beach or at a summer wedding if my body had that lit from within glow.

So since I'm too busy to go out and try some of these products out at the moment, I thought I'd find a temporary, budget friendly solution and try to make a DIY body shimmer at home. As usual I am yet to shake off the laziness and actually try it but I thought I must share with you as soon as possible what I found during my hunt for the perfect body shimmer formula. 

I noticed that a lot of body shimmer remedies didn't include anything about sun protection or skin soothing, which is necessary if your arms and legs are exposed, especially by the beach. To my luck, I found a genius body illuminator remedy by Mika from Hello Giggles who made account for these things. She wanted to recreate a beautiful glow like Fenty Beauty's Body Lava and she succeeded, her formula looked gorgeous and I can't wait to try it, especially because of it's refreshing ingredients.

1. You can use Aloe vera or sunscreen oil or a light sun cream

Just make sure it you have SPF included especially if you're planning on basking in the sun. Aloe vera is also great because it can be very refreshing and soothing, if you're in the sun all day or get sun burnt. 

2. A natural oil you love

She added a bit of sweet almond oil, which I think I will also go for. But, if you have a natural oil that you already love and it works well for you, go for it instead.

3. Highligher

Pick a shade that flatters your skin and undertones. If you want to look bronzed, with an intense summer glow, go for a darker bronze shade of highlighter or even eyeshadow.  

4. Mixing

Start mixing the aloe vera, oils and/or creams together first before adding the shadow. You can eye the amount of shimmer or highlighter you want to add, but it will almost be around half of the base, but you can add more if you like. Mix everything really well until it's completely homogeneous and then place it your container of choice and enjoy the heavenly glow. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @marta__sierra