This is a product, most women I know, skincare lovers or not, have in their bathrooms. A moisturizer is your easiest getaway to smooth healthy skin and potentially youthful on the longterm. Of course it doesn't fix a lot of skin problems, but it is the least you can do for your skin.

My best friend recently called me, asking me to find her the 'best moisture to use in the morning'. I knew that meant she wanted something non-greasy, isn't sticky or heavy and suitable under makeup as well as refreshing. I already had some on my list of favourites because these types of formulas happen to be my go to. I also did some digging and found some of best reviewed ones out there

You will find that some of these are a refreshing gel texture which can help you when you're shopping, so you can know what to look for. You will also find, a lot of these options are great for sensitive skin, oily skin and even some for dry skin. But, of course you have to test out any product beforehand and see if it works for you. Make sure you ask for testers and also read ingredient list to make sure your skin won't react negatively to any of them. 

Take a look at 8 of the best lightweight facial moisturizers out there for your daytime routine:


Main Image Credits: Instagram @emmahoareau