Brow gel is a must have these days. You can wear it with a full glam look or a natural no-makeup makeup look. So If you ever run out of brow gel, or money is too tight to get yourself a new one, you can always make it at home.

Today we have an incredibly easy DIY brow gel beauty remedy. You can prepare it in no time and apply it right away. Here is how to make a DIY tinted brow gel at home.

You will need:

- Hair Gel or Vaseline

- Eye Shadow

- Castor Oil or coconut oil (optional) 

- A clean mascara brush or a spoolie

- Empty Bowl

How to prepare it:

1. In a bowl add 1 tsp of vaseline or hair gel.

2. Then add the eyeshadow, a shade of your choice.

3. Add drops of castor or coconut oil (optional).

4. Mix all ingredients really well until you have a tinted paste.

5. Apply with a spoolie or a clean mascara brush on your brows.

6. Store the rest in a tightly sealed container.

Pro Tips:

1. Use a shade darker than your brows for a dramatic look, or a lighter shade for a more natural summery look!

2. Adding the castor or coconut oil will hydrate your brow hair and help them to thicken and grow faster.

3. You can use cocoa powder, coffee, or charcoal instead of eyeshadow for a more natural option.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @shaymitchell