Our eyes are considered one of the most sensitive body parts, and sometimes we tend to stick to bad habits in our daily beauty routine that harms our eyes without even noticing. It's needless to say that sleeping with your eye makeup on can cause possible panda eyes next morning, which can lead to dark spots and puffiness. They say the one thing that you need to do right before heading to bed, is to remove your makeup, but that's not enough. Many women tend to rub their eyes roughly to remove some heavy eye makeup which is just bad for their eyes and the skin around it. In order to maintain the health of your eyes, here's how to properly remove eye makeup:

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How to pick the right eye makeup remover?

1. Most beauty experts agree that removing eye makeup using baby wipes is just not the best thing to do. Women may think that baby wipes are gentle to their skin, yet the truth is, baby wipes have no special ingredients to remove your eye makeup properly.

2. It's very important that you have two types of makeup removers; one for your face and another for your regular eye makeup. Eye makeup removers are formulated to be gentle on the delicate and sensitive skin around your eyes, while face makeup removers aren't. 

3. If you have super sensitive skin, then try to avoid wearing waterproof mascara as it takes extra effort to remove. Also make sure to use an eye makeup remover that contains more lotion, that's specially made for sensitive skin.

4. If you like to wear waterproof mascara, opt for an eye makeup remover that is especially made to remove waterproof makeup. There's no need to rub your eyes continuously to get rid of your makeup while one product can remove it for you in no time. 

5. You can also go for more natural eye makeup removers such as olive or almond oil. They are efficient and can also moisturise your lashes and eye lids. 

What is the right way to remove eye makeup?

1. Go for cotton pads or a soft wash cloth rather than cotton balls as they tend to stick to the eyelashes. 

2. When you remove your eye makeup, make sure the makeup remover stays on your eyes for a couple of seconds in order to absorb the makeup and remove it once and for all. Keep in mind that if you leave it more than five seconds, it might get into your eyes and cause undesired redness. 

3. As your makeup remover works its way through layers of makeup, swipe the cotton pad downwards gently without rubbing or wiping left or right. 

4. Wash your face with warm water to remove excess makeup remover and makeup. Repeat the same process if necessary, to ensure the removal of all your makeup and then rinse your face again. 

5. Finish off with a good eye cream and make sure to massage your eyelids with it during application.

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