The story goes as follows, you buy that little jar/tube of eye cream, you keep applying it, however, you don't notice any results, and you think you just spent your money on yet another useless beauty product. Well, most probably, you're applying your eye cream the wrong way. You see, eye creams do work, they do help in reducing signs of aging, minimizing dark circles, and decreasing eye puffiness, but they need to be applied the correct way, and you need to choose the best type of eye cream that suits your skin. The skin around your eyes is so fragile, it's prone to wrinkles and dryness more than other parts of your face, hence it needs special care. Here are some tips to apply eye cream to get the best results.

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- Look for an eye cream that includes glycerin and Vitamin B3 in its formula, as they help moisturize the sensitive area around your eyes.

- Ideally, your eye cream should also include Vitamin A, this ingredient will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

- Collagen is also one of the important ingredients that should be included in your eye cream, it helps in increasing the skin's elasticity.

- Before applying your eye cream, make sure your face is clean and moisturized. It is best applied after using your facial cleanser and moisturizer.

- Eye cream is to be used twice on a daily basis, morning and night.

- You only need a pea-sized drop of eye cream to be applied on both sides.

- Use your ring finger to apply the eye cream around your eyes in a circular shape, it's the finger that will apply the least amount of pressure on such a sensitive skin area.

- Lightly tap the eye cream around your eyes, under your lower lash-line and below your eyebrows.

- Make sure not to apply eye cream on your eyelids to avoid any eye irritation or swelling.

- Don't apply any makeup products on your face for 10 minutes, your eye cream needs to be fully absorbed.

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