Restoring collagen in your skin naturally doesn't require expensive skincare products anymore! Collagen in your skin simply consists of tissues connected to each other, which are responsible to make your skin look shiny, healthy and youthful. The amount of collagen in your skin is at its peek when you're in your 20's, and it gradually declines by age where the cell's repair rate decreases. As a person who truly appreciates mother nature and its wonders, I decided to dig deeper and find out how to restore collagen in my skin naturally. It's about time to make some changes with your grocery shopping list.

1. Drink more water

Water works like magic when it comes to restoring collagen in your skin naturally! I know we are all tired of hearing that drinking 8 to 10 cups of water per day will nourish our skin and moisturize our body. However, water contains certain formulas that are able to enhance the formation of fibers, which are full of collagen and can rejuvenate the cells of your skin. Water also has the ability to wash away your entire body from toxins which can instantly restore collagen in your skin.

2. Vegetables to boost collagen naturally

All kinds of vegetables and especially red ones are extremely beneficial and have the ability to restore collagen in your skin. Vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, red cabbage and red beets are loaded with antioxidants that act as a form of protection to your skin against ageing. Guess what? Lycopene that is present in red vegetables, can also protect your skin from harmful UV sun rays as it acts as a natural sunblock.

3. Carrots to boost collagen

Carrots are literally skin food. Being packed with Vitamin C, a glass of carrot juice per day can treat the lack of collagen, and boost your skin's elasticity which aids in restoring collagen in your skin naturally. Carrots also promote a shinier acne-free skin and can kiss scars goodbye. Wait I’m not done yet, carrots have the ability to enhance your skin tone and they make a great ingredient for facials and masks. 

4. Soy Products 

After researching the benefits of soy, turns out soy milk and cheese are very effective. Soy is practically full of super powerful antioxidants that can actually BLOCK anti-aging and immediately restore collagen in your skin. It can also uplift collagen in your skin instantly. Soy, can you be my best-friend? Please?

5. Garlic to boost collagen naturally

Yeah, I'm not its biggest fan either, but when it comes to collagen, garlic is the best to restore collagen in your skin naturally. Garlic is rich in sulphur and certain acids that can rebuild damaged skin fibers and gradually produce collagen. You can include garlic in your daily routine by adding it to your salad.