Runway makeup trends are beautiful to admire and appreciate as a work of art. However, when it comes to applying bright shades and bold looks, sometimes we end up looking weird, if it's not done right. My love for makeup drove me to do a lot of research and hunt down -through watching my favorite makeup artists- how I can make a look, like bright yellow eyeshadow, wearable. The last time I had a wedding, I took my chances (see image #13). Here's what I found on how you can make the sunshine yellow eye-look not too intimidating and out there.

1. Liner and heaps of mascara.

This is my personal favorite. It is true that a nice eyeliner flick can make anything better. After applying a nice opaque layer of yellow and blending it out to the crease softly., throw on a thin liner (not too thick, so that the yellow still pops through) and loads of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. This will give you the coolness and boldness of the trend while still making it very comfortable and wearable.

2. Make it smokey.

Smoking out the lash line with deep brown shades will make almost any look easier to rock confidently. Just blend in brown on the outer corner and crease of your lid and people will still love the pop of yellow on the lid.

3. Gold shimmer or burnt orange vibes.

You can make it more wearable for an elegant event by using the yellow shadow as a base and topping it with gold shimmer. This is a good way to transition into the boldness, because gold is more familiar. You can also try blending in a warmer orange shade because fiery oranges are easier to make flattering.

4. Glossy lid.

Although this contradicts what I said earlier about trying to make this less intimidating, bloggers are making this look more and more wearable and accessible. You can try it out as a fun look for a night out with the girls. A lot of brands now sell really good eye glosses.

Main Image Credits: Fustany