10 Tips on How I Did My Own Wedding Makeup and the Products I Used

Beesan Sartawi
6/19/18, 12:00 AM

Every bride dreams of her wedding day; dress, hair, makeup and so many other details, as for me my main concern was makeup! With all the makeup revolution happening around us, I wanted less makeup and more myself. I also did want, however, a professional studio face that would bring joy to me when I look back at my picture. In my case I was moving to a new city where I knew nobody, so that was a major concern. Having an artistic background and a total obsession of makeup, I decided to do my own wedding makeup, scary right? Well the experience turned out to be a successful one and don't worry, it’s not that hard.

Here are some tips that helped me pull off the perfect wedding makeup:

1. Skincare

Understanding your skin more will help you apply long lasting makeup. Like who wants a cakey foundation on their wedding day?! Go to a dermatologist and start taking care of your face with the proper products with a minimum of 6 months in advance. This will give you the chance to heal if anything went wrong.

2. Research

Go online and explore; check reviews, read articles and investigate in anything that says makeup! And YouTube shall be your best friend in this phase. There's so much to learn online.

3. Foundation

The most important part of pulling off a perfect, professional makeup look that will look flawless in high resolution pictures, is the foundation. Invest in the best quality, go for the highest coverage and you must try it out before your wedding day, more than once. Don't forget to take good photos with the foundation on, to be sure it matches your skin color. It's preferable to leave applying foundation as a last step, that gives you the freedom to correct any mistakes you make with eyeshadow, like cleaning the under eye area from eyeshadow residue.

4. Trials

What's more fun for us girls than playing dress up! Be brave hold your brush and start trying out different looks. Invest in some good quality eyeshadow palettes and start learning. Do it over and over until you master the way you want your makeup to look.

5. Lashes

The best tip I can give you; buy yourself a good pair of lashes! Eyelashes are a camera's best friend it’ll widen your eyes, give you the perfect cat eye look and will instantly de-puff and erase any marks from last night's wild bachelorette party.

6. Layering

Put in mind that professional cameras used for weddings eat 50% of whatever you have on your face, so don’t be afraid of layering foundation and eye shadow. I used two light layers of foundation and looked totally natural in pictures, based on your preference for sure. Applying thin layers of foundartion will give you the coverage you want while still looking natural and skin like. If you want to test how your makeup looks keep taking pictures, the camera will always tell the truth!

7. Definition

Define your eyebrows, lash lines, and the hair line. Use a slightly darker toned eyebrow pencil, hair color spray and carbon black eye kohl. If you have light colored-eyes go for dark brown Kohl not black.

8. Makeup tools

Use the best tools you can get. Brushes make a huge difference in how the product looks. Having bad brushes can destroy the quality of whatever product you're using.

9. Highlighter

Easy with the highlighter! Applying too much will disturb your pictures and gives the photographers a hard time balancing the light in pictures, go for subtle natural glow.

10. Stay calm

Avoid stress at any price, and keep in mind everything will go exactly as you want it. Enjoy every minute because everyone will forget the tiny details, they will only remember how fun that night was.

My final advice to you:

On your wedding day, go to a room with good lighting. Free two hours off your schedule to be able to fix any mistakes. Isolate yourself from everyone, put on your favorite playlist, relax and put in mind that you understand your face more than anyone and you will pull off the perfect look. Also, if you have a makeup junkie friend, like my best friend Geetanjali, you can have her with you during that time to help you out. Her knowing about makeup would make the process less nerve-racking since she will easily understand what you want and help you if a disaster comes along.  

Products I used and recommend:

Kryolan Supra Color Foundation

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki Foundation Brush

Sigma Beauty Brush Set

Huda Beauty Eyelash Glue

Pinky Goat Eyelashes

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Nars Cosmetics Narsissist Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Nars Cosmetics Blush Gina Matte Tangerine

Urban Decay Liquid Fine Point Waterproof Eyeliner

Nars Cosmetics Eye Kohl Minorque

Kate Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Saint - Peachy Rose

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

Smashbox Spotlight Palette in Pearl

Urban decay All Night Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray


Got any makeup or skincare questions? ASK FUSTANY can help with that! Post your question, and have makeup artists and skincare experts answer you!


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