Every time I watch a makeup tutorial video, I notice that the makeup artist always starts her routine by applying face serum. Thus, I had to find out why they're all using it, and if it's really important to our face or not! So, here's what I found out.

1. A face serum is a very light liquid that is close to a gel-form, and a lot lighter than cream. Its main duty is to moisturize the skin and to penetrate deep into it to solve problems like fine lines, dark spots, and even acne.

2. The face serum usually contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals to the skin, and some brands even offer serums that are extracted from natural elements.

3. It is advised to only use a drop or two on your face, and then massage it very well. It is also best to apply it at night before you go to bed, because that's when your skin cells are being rejuvenated.  

4. Some face serums contain sun protection ingredients along with the moisturizing ingredients, so, it's best to use these ones in the morning after you cleanse your face and before going out!

5. There's a wide range of serums available in the stores, with different properties and uses. So, take your time to choose the right one for you, and to know exactly what you want out of using it.