The Things That You Should and Shouldn't Do When You Have Acne!

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11/5/17, 12:00 AM

If you have a combination or oily skin, then you probably know and suffer from acne. Whether it's always there or it visits you every month along with your period, it annoys you. Acne is one of the hardest skin problems you can have because although they're quite common, and everybody gets them, treating them differs from one person to the other. But there are some general rules that everybody who has acne must follow, and they are:

1. Don't cover up acne with makeup:

Most of the makeup tutorials on your Instagram are telling you how to cover up your acne with million layers of makeup. And, while there's a very small chance that makeup will actually cover it up, it will also be causing a lot of harm. It will block your pores, some products can cause you inflammation, and if you don't clean your makeup brushes regularly, you'll get other places on your face infected with acne. 

So, use makeup, but with reason, and only if you really need to. 

2. Don't over wash your face:

If you strip your face from its oils by using harsh facial washes, it will fight back by producing more. And more oil means that your pores will get blocked and you'll get acne. The best way is to keep your products moderate, and not too harsh. 

3. Keep your sheets and pillows clean:

Sleeping on clean sheets and pillows every night will protect your face from catching unwanted dirt. It will also lower the chances of infecting other places that don't have acne.

4. Change your diet:

By following a healthy diet, and visiting a dermatologist regularly, you'll be able to control your acne. So let us introduce you to some of the foods that you need to stop eating now to avoid acne. Click the previous link to know what they are!

5. Drink water as much as you can:

We'll keep saying this, water has the solution to many of our body problems because water flushes toxins out of our bodies. And in order to get a beautiful skin, you need to drink at least 2L. of water a day. 


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