Sorry Mum, Shaving Is Not Bad for My Skin and I'll Tell You Why!

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6/4/18, 12:00 AM

Every Arab mum taught her daughter how to remove unwanted body hair since a very young age, and made sure that she stayed away from using razors. But while you were afraid to use it because of scientifically not proven myths, you were missing out on a pain-free and easy hair removal experience, called ‘shaving’. We’ve tried many ways to remove unwanted body hair, from sugaring to even lazer, but nothing came close to being as pain-free and effective as shaving. So, let us debunk some misconceptions you’ve always had about shaving, which are far from the truth.

Well, dear, according to dermatologists this is complete fiction. You inherited this type of hair, and shaving cannot change its true nature. Also, when you remove the hair from the roots, it’s soft and thin tip is the first thing that breaks from your skin when it grows back. But when you shave, you cut the hair from the surface of your skin, leaving its roots inside, so, it doesn’t go through the same growth process, which is why it appears darker and thicker.

We’re glad to be the ones to break the good news to you; your hair grows by 1/4 inch every month, that is, if you don’t take any kind of medications that have an influence on your hormones. Again, shaving cuts the hair from the surface of your skin, so, it has no effect on the roots whatsoever; so, no! Shaving won’t make your unwanted body hair grow faster.

Again, ladies, shaving cannot change your type of hair, its true nature, or even its number. You have a specific amount of hair follicles in your body that produce hair, and no matter how much you shave, the amount of hair will remain the same. If anything, some spots can go bald with time after a while with continuous shaving.

Now that you know that shaving is not harmful to your natural unwanted body hair as you thought, it’s time for us to tell you the secrets to getting perfectly smooth shaved skin!

Your choice of the razor is super important! Always go for a high quality razor, and try to pick one that includes a moisture strip. We recommend Venus Breeze, it’s one of the best and most trusted. It’s also easy and safe to use, and it has a feature that we can’t help but love; it is enhanced with rich body butter, a blend of avocado and olive oil for a smooth glide and silky smooth skin.

You need to exfoliate your skin a day before shaving, a tip we learned from a hair removal expert. This process will help you get rid of dead skin and ingrown hair. Why a day before? Because you don’t want to irritate your skin with both skin exfoliation, and then hair removal.

It's very important to apply a shaving cream or any other alternative because your skin will need the hydration. And the good thing about shaving is that you can use a natural source to moisturize and hydrate your skin while you shave, like coconut oil, shea butter, and many other options that you can find here.

This is actually very important! Dull razors can cause uneven hair removal, leading to bumpy and rough skin. So, if you’re using a good razor like Venus Breeze for example, the Aloe Vera strip on the razor will act like an indicator that you need to throw this one away, and get a new one!

Don’t shave against your hair growth direction. Yes, it will give you a smoother feel, but it will also irritate your skin and will give you razor burns and ingrown hair. So, remember, always shave in the hair growth direction, except for underarms, you can shave in two directions because hair grows in different ways.

Now, watch this video by Gillette Venus where they prove to you that shaving is not bad for your skin AT ALL!

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