How to Master the Sugaring Body Hair Removal Technique at Home

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4/15/20, 12:00 AM

Sugaring is one of the oldest hair removal techniques, which was first used by Ancient Egyptians. Yes! Up until this day, many Middle Eastern women still prefer the sugaring hair removal technique, as it's a natural alternative to the traditional waxing. Also, sugaring gives you longer lasting results than shaving.

How does sugaring work? 

It's all about the sugaring paste, that you can make at home, which you use to remove your unwanted body hair from the roots, without adhering to your skin. The result is silky smooth skin! Now, let's find out how to do the sugaring body hair removal at home. 

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Ingredients to make the sugaring wax paste:

- 2 cups sugar

- 1/4 cup lemon juice

- 1/8 cup water

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Steps to make the sugaring paste:

1. In a small saucepan, add all the ingredients and turn the heat on.

2. Using a non-stick spatula, stir well until the sugar dissolves into the lemon juice and water.

3. When you notice that the sugar started to caramelize and the temperature has risen, take the pan off the burner.

4. Stir in a rapid motion until you have a smooth brownish sugar wax paste.

5. Pour the mixture in a container, and allow it to cool down for a couple of hours. Never use it when it's too hot! It can really burn your skin. 

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How to use the sugaring wax paste for body hair removal:

1. First of all, make sure your skin is dry and clean. It's always a good idea to have a shower the night before to open up your pores.

2. Using your hands, take out a lime-sized portion of the sugaring wax paste, and gently rub and knead it with your fingers.

3. Now stretch the sugar paste on your skin, going against the direction of your body hair growth.

4. Wait a few seconds, and then pull it out using a flicking motion in the same direction of your body hair growth.

5. If you feel that you don't have much control, hold your skin taut using your other hand, and just go bit by bit.

6. When the sugar wax paste stops feeling stretchy, replace it with another piece.

7. You can go over the same area several times to make sure you completely got rid of unwanted body hair.

8. After you're done, gather the sugar paste that's leftover on your skin with the sugar paste piece you got in your hands and then throw away.

9. Take a shower, and all the sticky skin will be clean in a matter of minutes!

Tip: For the best sugaring body hair removal results, your hair must at least a quarter of an inch long, so that the sugar waxing paste would be able to stick to the hairs and pull it out from the roots.

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