Yes, although I am known to exaggerate and say that things have changed my life all the time, I really do mean it with this one. This product has saved my skin in so many ways and it came at a time when I desperately needed it thanks to a review by beauty genius and my makeup guardian angel Karima Mckimmie. I talked about my experience with shaving my face in detail before and I recommend you check it out before reading on, for I'll keep this article mainly for talking in detail about the Veet sensitive touch trimmer.

It is basically an electric trimmer with 2 different attachments, one for facial hair and the other for the bikini line. It is made to be used in multiple areas, the eyebrows, underarms, upper lips, bikini line, and chin. I use the one for facial hair without the pink attachment, which is the 2nd one from the right.


Image Credits: AKS

Now if you've read about my experience with dermaplaning or shaving my face, you know that this product was for me the perfect way to get rid of facial hair without irritating my skin and causing it to break out. I have very thick dark facial hair, which I like removing, but I hate threading and waxing. Threading for me is a painful hassle and to be honest, I just don't trust anyone around my eyebrows. The Veet trimmer was a great way to get rid of peach fuzz and facial hair without worrying about having to leave the house or if the threading lady was going to take off half of my eyebrow.

To be fair, I barely touch my brows, I just let them be, but I like removing the hair around them and basically all the hair around my face. Why? Well, let me start by saying, you get baby skin. Trimming off these small hairs also gently exfoliates the skin, so the end result is smoother and much brighter skin. When I'm done with my face I feel like I just had a facial. My skincare even absorbs better and also my makeup goes on a lot smoother because these tiny hairs sometimes get in the way. You will feel the difference in your skin instantly.

It's also really easy to use because it has 2 different heads on the same attachment, and one of them is really small so you can get into these tight crevices and around the eyebrows comfortably. The reason why it's great for sensitive skin and why it doesn't break me out is because, unlike a razor, it actually doesn't touch the skin itself, it just cuts and trims the hairs from the surface. Of course that means it won't exfoliate the skin as well, like with dermaplaning, but it's a lot safer.

I use it once every 2 to 3 weeks. I grab coconut oil or any cleansing oil I'm using at the time and apply it generously all over my face. I start trimming around the forehead, and move my way downwards to the sideburns and cheek area and then I do my upper lip and chin. I then wash off the oil with a warm cloth and I clean the tool under water with a tiny amount of soup and my nail brush to get all the hair out. Then I leave it to dry to make sure all the water gets out.

I know people are scared of shaving and trimming their facial hair, but I've been doing this for years and it doesn't make your hair thicker permanently. It's like shaving your legs. When you stop shaving, the hair will grow back to its natural state. You’re not actually affecting the hair follicle, you’re just scraping the surface.

However, this technique is not for everyone and it might not work for everyone or all skin types, but it has worked for me and it has been exactly what I need to keep my face looking fresh and smooth.